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The best way to hear about what it’s like to be a student at Plaza College is to hear it from actual students!


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Darien“As soon as I got my hands on my writer, I knew this was what I wanted to do. This career offers you so many different opportunities. You can work for yourself, you can work in the courts, you can work in closed captioning, and you can work in schools. The possibilities are almost endless. It is a great career with great benefits.”

Court Reporting ‘19


Heerawatie“I worked primarily in the business world for 15 years, and in the summer of 2016, I found myself unemployed due to the education requirements at Citibank. I decided to return to school and spent days researching schools on my laptop and cell phone. I finally came across Plaza College, and I was impressed from the beginning. My admissions counselor, Jill, made me feel so comfortable and assured that Plaza was the right place for me.”

Business Administration ‘18


Diana“My professors are to be commended. They are wonderful; they are always available to guide and help you. They are truly knowledgeable in their field and most of all very determine to help you succeed. I am truly enjoying each and every day of my journey at Plaza College.”

Medical Assisting ’17
Patient Information Management ‘19


Eliana“I have my favorite professors, they know who they are.  Their teaching style; knowledge on the subject; real world business experiences; their interaction with students; the respect they have towards students; their professionalism; their willingness to help students understand the subject teach; are some of the qualities of those professors I sincerely I admire.  These professors make a tremendous contribution to our learning experience which is fantastic benefit to students.”
Business Administration ’16
Business Administration Management ‘17


Shantee“I came about attending Plaza College was because of an ad I saw on the train, I kept the number in my phone for almost 2 months because I was afraid of attending another school and ending up nowhere. One day I decided to call, and it was the best decision I could have ever made.”

Business Administration ’17
Business Administration Management ‘19


Kiara“I love that Plaza’s classrooms are not overcrowded, it makes learning easier in the sense that the professor can help the student one on one if needed. Overall, Plaza helps you prepare for your future, everything you retain in your classes from your professors will help you in the long run. Plaza has helped me feel more confident and I know I can succeed with the help of the Professors and the ARC.”

Business Administration ‘18


Gabriella“The hands-on training has been a tremendous help in preparing me for my externship. Everything I was taught in all my clinical classes was exactly what I was able to use in my externship and more. The skills that I learned at Plaza College will help me in all of my future endeavors.”

Medical Assisting ’17


Sahida“Plaza College is an amazing academic platform that strives for students to excel and accomplish their goals. In order to succeed at Plaza College, motivation, integrity, and professionalism is very important. Having these three essential qualities will heighten one’s success in school and in future career paths.”

Dental Hygiene ‘19


Veronica“I chose Plaza College because I wanted to be in an accelerated program, where I am able to commit fulltime, and start working as a dental hygienist much faster. Now, that sounds much easier said than done! One thing I can truly say is that the administration, staff, and the new long-life friends that you make here will help you get through all the obstacles one step at a time! The school also offers many resources like one on one tutoring, extra help, and they’re always willing to help overall. It has been quite a ride to getting to Veronica                                       my third semester, but I’m now on my way to completing my first 5 Dental Hygiene ‘19                   patients in clinic I!”