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Plaza’s Academic Resources Center (ARC) provides academic support to students through faculty and peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, writing assistance programs, and workshops – at no additional cost to our students.

ARC Tutoring Schedule

Spring 2015 Schedule
Click on the link for the full schedule of ARC tutors.

Tutoring Specialties

Our tutors are professors in the subject they tutor in; therefore, our students can be confident that the instruction they receive in the ARC is effective and accurate.

  • Ms. Anwar: math, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology
  • Ms. Burns: information literacy, writing, English
  • Ms. Butchy: information literacy, writing, English, humanities courses
  • Ms. Eckhardt: management (MG and MGT) courses, resumes
  • Ms. Garcia: information literacy, writing, English
  • Mr. Gillespie: information literacy, writing, English
  • Dean Howle: information literacy, writing, English, humanities courses
  • Ms. Huxtable: computer skills, SAMS
  • Ms. Kartiganer: computer skills, resumes
  • Ms. Lebron: computer skills, PowerPoint
  • Dean Loffert: writing, English, math, resumes, humanities
  • Ms. March: math
  • Ms. McCann: information literacy, writing, English
  • Mr. Melara: computer skills, math, HS104
  • Ms. Meyer: AH155, AH1004, keyboarding, medical office courses
  • Ms. Mookram: computer skills, spreadsheet applications
  • Ms. O’Connor: medical terminology, HS200, HS106, AH 1022, Medical Law and Ethics
  • Ms. Ramachandran: anatomy and physiology, medical terminology
  • Dr. Sibblis: management courses (MG and MGT), computer skills, math
  • Ms. Welsh: information Literacy, writing, English, HS104
  • Dean Zipf: management courses (MG and MGT)

Writing Support Workshop Schedule

Spring 2015

Workshop 1: Finding Subjects and Verbs
Tuesday, May 26th, 11:40-12:35
Wednesday, May 27th, 5:00-5:55

Workshop 2: Subject/Verb Agreement
Tuesday, June 2nd, 11:40-12:35
Wednesday, June 3rd, 5:00-5:55

Workshop 3: Pronoun Agreement
Tuesday, June 9th, 11:40-12:35
Wednesday, June 10th, 5:00-5:55

Workshop 4: Coordination
Tuesday, June 16th, 11:40-12:35
Wednesday, June 17th, 5:00-5:55

Workshop 5: Subordination
Tuesday, June 23th, 11:40-12:35
Wednesday, June 24th, 5:00-5:55

Mathematical Applications Workshop Schedule

Spring 2015

Workshop 1: Review for Progress Quiz #1
Tuesday, May 19th, 11:40-12:35pm
Tuesday, May 19th, 5:00-5:55pm

Workshop #2: Polynomials
Thursday, June 4th, 11:40-12:35pm
Thursday, June 4th, 5:00-5:55pm

Workshop #3: Graphing Simultaneous Equations
Thursday, June 25th, 11:40-12:35pm
Thursday, June 25th, 5:00-5:55pm

Workshop #3: Review for LM63 Final
Tuesday, July 28th, 11:40-12:35pm
Tuesday, July 28th, 5:00-5:55pm

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