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Academic Programs at Plaza College

Associate Degrees

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Assisting

Due to the gradual aging of the population, advances in medical technologies, and the extension of life expectancies, healthcare employment will certainly be in strong demand in the future. Among the 20 occupations projected to grow the fastest from 2008-2018, 10 of them are healthcare related.*

*Source: BMO Capital Markets & U.S. Department of Labor.

Plaza's caring Faculty and Staff will help you learn to:

  • Care for and prepare patients.
  • Assist physicians with patient examinations.
  • Use medical terminology, medical technology and concepts.
  • Assist in laboratory procedures and applications.
  • Prepare medical billing, coding, and patient history records.
  • Assist in clinical office procedures such as taking vitals, EKG, CPR, First Aid, OSHA techniques and Venipuncture.

Medical courses/training includes Medical Billing and Coding, Phlebotomy training, and EKG training. Plaza College is the only college in Queens County that is CAAHEP accredited.*

Employment of Medical Assistants is projected to grow much faster than average, ranking it among the fastest growing occupations in New York over the 2006-16 decade. The employment of Medical Assistants in New York is expected to grow 35 percent from 2006 to 2016; much faster than the average for all occupations!

Job opportunities should be excellent, particularly for those with formal training or experience and certification. Plaza College's Accredited Medical Assisting Program will prepare you!

*The Associate of Occupational Studies in Medical Assisting is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (www.caahep.org) upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB).

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Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Computer Business Support

Want a high paying position in one of the fastest growing careers? Do you have an interest in information technology, computer repair, or system administration training? With this I.T. degree program, you will be in demand by businesses around the world! You will be prepared to meet the challenges of working in a high-tech marketplace.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer occupations will account for 5 of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the economy!

This program combines Information Technology courses with the study of Business Management and computer careers. This program will help students:

  • Acquire a strong base of computer technology skills in the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook, with the potential to achieve professional certifications.
  • Choose from a variety of electives to pursue individual interests such as web page design and computer graphics.
  • Perform fundamental computer operations associated with Microsoft Windows, networking, and the Internet.
  • Learn essential business concepts and professional development strategies.
  • Develop human relations skills to successfully interact in a business team environment.
  • Develop fundamental skills in writing, speaking, presenting, and information literacy that will lead to professional growth or success in a Bachelor level program.

Our graduates of the CBSS degree have obtained such career opportunities as Computer Support Specialists, System Administrators, Technical Assistants, Technical Support Specialists, and Technical Supervisors.

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Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Sciences

Employment in the information sector is expected to increase by 6.9%, adding 212,000 jobs by 2016. Information contains some of the fastest growing computer-related industries such as software publishing, Internet publishing and wireless telecommunication carriers*.

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This program includes coursework in Information Technology, Business Management and Liberal Arts, combined with preparation of skills to pursue I.T. management support and system administrative positions; it is especially attractive to those planning to pursue a baccalaureate degree in a related area or a career in computers and Information Technology.

The program will help students:

  • Understand system technologies and computer applications.
  • Develop proficient skills in computer software.
  • Increase knowledge of technology and techniques.

Our graduates of the Information Sciences degree have obtained prestigious career opportunities, including Systems Administrators, Systems Analysts, Computer Programmers, Computer Engineers, Software Developers and Network Administrators.

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Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration

This structured business program provides the student with a well-rounded educational experience in business management, computer technology, and accounting complemented by a strong liberal arts component. Through an individualized curriculum focused on business courses, students will develop the ability to analyze and solve problems faced by today's business administrators.

The program focuses on preparing the student to:

  • Acquire a multiple set of marketable skills to perform successfully in a variety of office support positions.
  • Attain the educational preparation vital to succeeding at the baccalaureate level.
  • Achieve personal goals for professional advancement.

The A.A.S. degree in Business Administration also provides a smooth transition into the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program!

Our graduates of the Associate Degree in Business Administration have obtained career opportunities such as Administrative Assistants, Designer Assistants, Field Accountants, Bankers, and Customer Service Representatives.

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Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Office Technologies

The demand for skilled office workers is expected to continuously increase, especially for those with advanced technology skills. This is especially important for Plaza students because this Office Technologies degree can be applied to either a business or medical setting. The career growth potential is immeasurable, and your options are personalized to meet your needs and interests!

Students in this degree program will learn to:

  • Gain a solid background in office technology skills, which can be applied to both the business and medical field.
  • Develop strong administrative, organizational and computer skills.
  • Develop writing and information literacy skills.

Our graduates of the Associate Degree in Office Technologies have obtained career opportunities such as Executive Assistants, Office Managers, Medical Office Managers, Medical Billers, Office Assistants, Customer Service Managers, and Payroll Specialists.

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Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Accounting and Information Systems

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accounting careers will continue to be among the leaders in job growth.

If you have an interest in working in Accounting, or within the Accounting field, and would like to advance your accounting skills and knowledge, Plaza College offers an Associate degree in Accounting and Information Systems. Accounting coursework teaches students how to make use of computer and information technology, while providing a solid foundation in the understanding of Accounting principles and practices.

Students will learn to:

  • Develop strong computer skills to function effectively in the financial field.
  • Understand theoretical concepts and practical applications.
  • Understand and promote principals and practices of accounting.
  • Gather, record, analyze, interpret, and communicate information about an individual's or organization's financial performance and risk.

Our graduates of this A.I.S. degree program have obtained career opportunities as Bank Officers, Payroll Managers, Insurance Adjusters, Financial Analysts, Auditors, Property Accountants, Internal Revenue Agents, and Accountants.

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Associate of Applied Science Degree in Health Information Technology

President Obama has made it clear that Health Information Technology will play a central role in his plan to overhaul the healthcare system. The nation must "employ technology and innovation to solve our nation's most pressing problems," according to President Obama's website. His legislation will help to move to a "nationwide system of computerized medical records that won't just save money, save lives..." but it will also help to create "hundreds of thousands of jobs*."

*excerpts of President Obama’s January 2009 speech at George Washington University.

Become a part of the one of the nation's most in-demand occupations today! Get a degree in Health Information Technology!

Plaza’s caring faculty and staff will help you learn to:

  • Develop strong skills in medical records, billing, coding, reimbursement, database management, and health statistics.
  • Become a valued member of an integrated healthcare team.
  • Complete coursework and field work at an approved practicum site working with medical records and related technology applications.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, technicians with a strong background in medical coding will be in particularly in high demand!

Graduates of this program are prepared for exciting careers, such as Health Information Technicians, Medical Record Technicians, Medical Record Coders, and Clinical Data Collectors, and with this degree and a certification, many graduates can advance and move quickly to a management position in the healthcare field!

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