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Academic Programs at Plaza College

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor Degree in Management

Plaza College’s Bachelor of Business Administration program, with a concentration in Management, will offer you the critical business skills needed for you to succeed as an administrator or manager within any type of business organization. Through an individualized curriculum focused on business-related courses, students will develop the ability to analyze and solve problems faced by today’s business administrators. Students can even customize their learning experience and select courses leading to specializations in Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Information Technology!

The program’s underlying philosophy is that each and every student should become multi-skilled and capable of assuming a wide range of responsibilities that will continue to grow and change throughout one’s career. We, at Plaza, realize that successful people share many of the same characteristics: They make the most of their intelligence by drawing on the knowledge they have to solve problems, create and market products, and manage people and systems. The training you will receive at Plaza will help you develop these characteristics and stand out when being considered for a new position or promotion.

Students in this degree program will:

  • Develop a sense of professionalism and work ethic expected of managers.
  • Communicate effectively in writing.
  • Clearly convey ideas orally and demonstrate expertise in making business presentations.
  • Be able to work in teams, collaborate with peers, and assume leadership roles.
  • Think critically, analyze, and solve problems.
  • Apply computer technology skills typical of highly productive individuals.

This accredited degree at Plaza, one of the best business colleges in Queens, will provide great opportunities to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree graduates! This program will help you succeed in the most competitive marketplace. Taking advantage of an internship experience while taking courses will not only broaden your knowledge of subjects like accounting and economics, but will give you the competitive edge over other job-seekers!

Related occupations to this program include:

  • Managers and Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers
  • Office Managers, Executive Assistants, and Administrative Assistants
  • Human Resources Managers/Assistants and Personnel Recruiters
  • Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialists
  • Account Managers, Sales Representatives, and Customer Service Representatives

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Bachelor Degree in Patient Information Management

Plaza College’s Bachelor of Business Administration program, with a concentration in Patient Information Management, will offer you the skills to further develop both your administrative and clinical knowledge in the Allied Health field. Whether this is an extension of your Associate degree in Medical Assisting or Health Services Information Technology, it is the next step in providing additional opportunities for advancement in administrative healthcare or clinical positions! Through an individualized curriculum, this program includes two specializations: The Health Information Management track is focused on long-term care and Gerontology, and the second is focused on Clinical/Phlebotomy studies. Professional courses include Health Information Management, Health Statistics, Medical Records, Law and Ethics, Information Technology and Security, as well as courses in basic lab procedures and Pharmacology. With a federal mandate that all Americans have access to electronic health records by 2014, Plaza students and graduates must be ready! This degree program will prepare graduates as Office Managers overseeing front office operations in doctors’ offices or Clinical/Assistant Managers in larger medical facilities, home health care facilities, managed care organizations and out-patient care centers. According to data published by the U.S. Department of Labor in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of medical and health service managers is expected to increase by 16 percent through 2016.

This is an upper division program which provides students with:

  • Managerial skills to earn high-paying jobs.
  • A focus on applications of medical record technologies and coding.
  • A closer look at long-term care issues and Gerontology.
  • Basic Venipuncture and laboratory skills.

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