October 12: This Week at Plaza

October 12, 2015

Monday, Oct. 12: No classes – Columbus Day

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Student Life Meeting for All Clubs and Organizations, Bachelor’s Lounge by the Commons, 11:45 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 13: Campus Store Sale Begins!

Thursday, Oct. 15: Honor Society Elections Begin: Alpha Sigma Lambda, Sigma Kappa Delta, and Sigma Tau Delta (Check email from Dean Howle on Thursday for instructions)

Monday – Friday: New Open Lab Schedule with More Hours

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “It seems that fighting is a game where everybody is the loser.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Campus Store Sale Starts Tuesday!

October 10, 2015

Campus store sale Tote

The Plaza College Campus Store features new merchandise this semester including various school supplies that may be purchased on students’ book bills. In addition, a sale on styles from last semester starts on Tuesday, October 13!

Selected t-shirts $10

Sweatshirts $20

Polo shirts $20

Tote bags $25 (contents not included)

Stop by today to check it out!

Students Gain Insights at Portfolio Power Hours

October 8, 2015

Port image2 (2) Port image8

Over the last two weeks, more than 100 students gained insights from faculty and other students at the Office of Student Life’s new Portfolio Power Hour events. These sessions, held during College Hour and from 5:15-6:00 p.m., featured a panel of portfolio experts, including professors as well as students who have completed portfolio classes.

At the first session on September 22, students learned more about the LL254 and LL290 English portfolios, including helpful hints for selecting topics and using MLA style for citation. On September 24, business students received ideas for successfully completing MG230, MG73, and MGT1006 portfolios. Students taking Excel and PowerPoint portfolio classes attended sessions on September 29 to find out how the IT portfolios are created, and allied health students explored the details of AH1000, HT103, and AH1013 portfolios on October 1.

In addition to faculty overviews of the process, sessions included top tips for success from faculty and student panelists as well as student success stories about how they completed the process and stayed organized. Each session ended with one lucky student winning a raffle for a portfolio success kit. Watch your email early next semester for information about the return of Portfolio Power Hour!

Port image3 (2) Port image7

Congratulations to the Spring 2015 President’s List Honorees

October 7, 2015

Award Presidents 3 Award Presidents 2 Award Presidents 1

For the Spring 2015 semester, students were awarded academic honors in four categories. This week we recognize the 38 students who earned a place on the President’s List based on their academic achievements. To be honored in this category, students must earn a semester GPA between 3.65 and 3.79, carry at least 12 credit hours, and earn no grade below a B. Congratulations to all!

  • Bashar, Shahinur
  • Cabrera, Maria
  • Collado, Ana
  • Cruz, Elaine
  • Edwards, Breana
  • Elmaliki, Zekham
  • Fernandez, Denise
  • Frazer, Audra
  • Fuller, Tracey
  • Gerardo, Mercedes
  • Gomes, Aline
  • Gomez, Esmeralda
  • Gordon, Angela
  • Grossett, Philecia
  • Guirma-Gbelee, Emily
  • Hurst, Princess
  • Johnson, Vonny
  • Johnston, Chantel
  • Jules Creed, Jenny
  • Khemrul, Stacey
  • Laro, Diosnelly
  • Melendez, Lida
  • Montero, Marlena
  • Morales, Lissette
  • Morant, Jacqueline
  • Murillo, Patricia
  • Neves, Adalgisa
  • Patel, Nikita
  • Plaza Rojas, Jenny
  • Ramsamooj, Banesha
  • Richards, Michael
  • Rochez, Sebastian
  • Sanassi, Liza
  • Seri, Myleen
  • Tovar, Betsy
  • Vallejo, Veronika
  • Watson, Shaquana
  • Weinberger, Regina

October 5: This Week at Plaza

October 5, 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 6: Student Life Meeting for All Clubs and Organizations, Commons, 11:45 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 8: Meeting for Members of Honor Societies: Alpha Sigma Lambda, Sigma Kappa Delta, and Sigma Tau Delta (Details in the member email from Dean Howle)

Monday – Friday: Campus Store Open

Monday – Friday: New Open Lab Schedule with More Hours

Monday, Oct. 12: No classes – Columbus Day

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible.” – Anton Chekhov

Student of the Week: Ruth Ramirez

October 3, 2015

SoW Ramirez

The Department of Student Life is proud to announce the return of Student of the Week for Fall 2015. This weekly honor goes to a student who was nominated and voted upon by the Plaza College faculty, staff, and administration.

Our first honoree this semester is Ruth Ramirez, a student who does it all! She received academic honors last semester and is about to be inducted into the honor society Alpha Sigma Lambda. Her GPA is 4.0, and she manages to achieve all this while working full-time and being a mother to her son Oscar.

Read more about her story in the interview below, and then see what her professors have to say!

How does it feel to be our Student of the Week?

It was a really big shock and it’s a huge honor. I’m still surprised to be the student of the week.

What is one important way in which you have changed while being a student at Plaza College?

I have become very organized. I try to plan everything on my schedule, so I can ensure that I have enough time to study and get my work done.

What is your inspiration every day?

My family is my inspiration. I have parents that I need to retire and a child to put through college.

What is your dream job?

To be a medical coder or a health care information manager.

What “Plaza secret” should every new student know?

That everyone is here to help you, and if that person can’t help you, they will find someone who can. You are in an environment where people want to see you grow. Use it to your advantage.

Whom were you most excited to tell you won Student of the Week? Why?

I was really excited to tell my dad. He pays part of my tuition for me to attend Plaza, so I felt that this shows him I’m working just as hard as he is.

What has been your favorite class at Plaza so far?

I would have to say Modern Drama (with Professor Butchy). It’s a class where you explore things about yourself that you never knew. It changes how you look at plays or even movies in general as well.

What do you do to relax?

I love to listen to music and read a book with a cup of coffee.

Which Plaza clubs or honor societies do you belong to?

I joined the Ambassadors Club, and I now belong to the Alpha Sigma Lambda honor society.

What is your guiding philosophy in life?

Everybody on your side isn’t on your side. Do what makes you happy and do it well.

According to her instructors… 

Professor Laura Butchy:  “Ruth’s enthusiasm for learning is clear from the moment she enters each class smiling. She is always ready to volunteer and is a supportive class member who encourages others to participate. Ruth is a wonderful addition to every class, event, and organization she participates in!”

Professor Lynn McCann: “I would like to bottle her attitude and her dedication.”

Dean Jonathan Howle: “Ruth is a phenomenal choice for the first student of the week of the semester. She embodies the essential qualities of a super star student: intellectual curiosity, boundless energy and enthusiasm, a genuine concern for her classmates, and a great desire to succeed. Her young son could have no finer role model than his mother. We are so blessed to have her at Plaza College!”

Career Services Showcases Do’s and Don’ts in Fashion Show

October 2, 2015

Fashion ed2 Fashion ed 3 Fashion ed4

On September 15, Plaza College held its first Dress Code Fashion show sponsored by the Departments of Career Services & Student Life. Students were able to see firsthand how to dress for success as students and in their future careers. The fashion show’s first segment covered appropriate attire for campus dress code, job interviews, and the business workplace. As students sashayed down the red carpet runway, host Director Luckett of Career Services complimented students’ attire and gave campus and career advice.

“Career Services works closely with many employers and we may even have your future employer on campus to tour and meet possible candidates,” Luckett explained. “That’s why at Plaza College the Dress code is important… Make sure you are ready to make a good first impression to kick start your new career!”

The fashion show also included an entertaining segment called “What Not to Wear” when Plaza’s student and faculty models showed off dress code violations and workplace fashion don’ts!

Why is the way you dress on and off campus so important?

  • Preps you for the career you want and gives you self confidence
  • Makes a great first impression – you could meet your future employer on campus or in the neighborhood
  • Dressing professionally shows employers you are well put together

Campus Dress Code Reminders

  • Medical Students must wear OSHA compliant uniforms and sneakers for all clinical courses
  • Dress code for men: slacks or neat black jeans, tucked-in collared shirts with buttons, tie
  • Dress code for women: slacks or neat black jeans; tailored tops, blouses, cardigans; appropriate skirts or dresses

Campus Dress Code Violations

  • Blue jeans
  • Leggings of any kind
  • T-Shirts and tank tops
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants
  • Hats
  • Ripped clothing of any kind
  • Revealing garments with short hemlines, low cut necklines, or visible undergarments

Fashion edHM1 Fashion edHM2

Congratulations to the Spring 2015 Trustees’ List Honorees

September 29, 2015

Award Trustees 1 Award Trustees 4

For the Spring 2015 semester, students were awarded academic honors in four categories. This week we recognize the 92 students who earned a place on the Trustees’ List based on their academic achievements. To be honored in this category, students must earn a semester GPA between 3.8 and 4.0, carry at least 12 credit hours, and earn no grade below a B. Congratulations to all!

  • Acevedo Jr, Jose
  • Agosto, Aida
  • Alsaidi, Hashid
  • Aronov, Svetlana
  • Arroyo, Elizabeth
  • Begum, Sharmina
  • Belendes, Violeta
  • Bien-Aime, Naomi
  • Bien-Aime, Nehemie
  • Bravo, Ricky
  • Burayev, Tomi
  • Bustamante, Samantha
  • Cabrera, Jaime
  • Casanova, Yvette
  • Cerisier, Yvrose
  • Combe, Luis
  • Correa, Vanessa
  • Cortes, Tania
  • Crooks, Maria
  • Crutchfield-Blum, Robin
  • Cyriaque, Sarah
  • Davis-Noel, Jasmine
  • Deki, Sonam
  • Del Moral, Marivel
  • DePeza, Sherdena
  • Dindyal, Nadina
  • Donatien, Sheena
  • Elie, Johoany
  • Fernandez, Angie
  • Fielack, George
  • Gomez, Jessica
  • Gomez, Melizza
  • Hernandez, Diego
  • Herrera Cruz, Patricia
  • Heyward, Kenya
  • Jannan, Farah
  • Jeffers, Stacyann
  • Jensen, Victoria
  • Jeudy, Shirley
  • Johnson, Michelle
  • Julien, Rosalina
  • Koumbiadis, Eleni
  • Lakharam, Padmani
  • Lin, Ling
  • Londono, Eliana
  • Lopez, Andrea
  • Mangal, Rajendra
  • Mateo, Natalie
  • McGovern, Tiffany
  • Meade, Sandra
  • Mendoza, Arlene
  • Mino Arreaga, Yesenia
  • Moreno, Bettina
  • Oliver, Darnell
  • Pagan, Stephanie
  • Paredes, Lorena
  • Patel, Krishna
  • Perez-Lopez, Ivett
  • Peterson, Shanese
  • Phillips, Camille
  • Pina, Nestor
  • Ragin, Gail
  • Ramirez, Marisol
  • Robb, Debbieann
  • Roberts, Sherice
  • Rodriguez, Minalyn
  • Roman, Amanda
  • Santana, Christine
  • Santillan, Cristina
  • Santos, Aline
  • Santucci, Karen
  • Seunarine, Bibi
  • Sherpa, Pema
  • Solis, Joselyn
  • Spence, Samantha
  • Stokes, Jody
  • Sumpter-Lee, Nigeria
  • Tabares, Eileen
  • Tariq, Umbareen
  • Tavarez Cruz, Elizabeth
  • Tavarez, Eniliz
  • Thervil, Natalie
  • Thompson, Ruth
  • Todd, Mary
  • Ulysse, Katiana
  • Valvano, Sharlene
  • Velecela, Nube
  • Veliz, Lissetty
  • Villarreal, Jacqueline
  • Williams, Lisa
  • Williams, Perla
  • Zamora Hernandez, Lesley

Award Trustees 5 Award Trustees 3

September 28: This Week at Plaza

September 28, 2015

Tuesday, September 29: Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint Portfolio Power Hour 11:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.

Tuesday, September 29: Local Vendor Fair 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Visit the Commons to browse local vendors and pick up flyers, coupons, and samples.

Thursday, October 1: Allied Health Portfolio Power Hour 11:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.

Monday – Saturday: Campus Store Open

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” – W. Clement Stone

Use Your Student ID for Discounts

September 27, 2015

Everyone knows that you need to show your ID to enter school each day. However, there are many other reasons to keep your student ID handy!

Across Queens Boulevard from Plaza, you can use your college ID to get discounts at Caffe Bene and Redwood Deli.

Beyond Forest Hills, a student ID can earn many other wonderful bonuses. Check out this article about discounts on food, clothing, museums, and more! Always remember to contact individual locations to verify specific discounts.

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