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Student Spotlight: Sharita Edmeade

March 20, 2023

NCRA’S Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2023

February 2, 2023

NCRA’S Court Reporting & Captioning Week 2023 is February 4th-11th! Plaza College is proud to host a variety of events to celebrate Court Reporting! Email Director Santucci, ksantucci@plazacollege.edu for more information on how to sign up for each event!

July 27, 2022

Plaza College is pleased to congratulate Eric Stern, Simulation Coordinator, and Oscar Cruz-Fong, IT Specialist, on earning their Gaumard Simulation Essentials Certificates of Training!  Mr. Stern and Mr. Cruz-Fong attended the Gaumard Healthcare Simulation Training in Waco, Texas from July 11-15th. Split between classroom and hands-on instruction, they focused on learning all of the capabilities of the high-fidelity simulators featured in Center for Healthcare  Simulation.  They helped Victoria deliver countless babies, started IV’s on Hal, and evaluated their CPR Skills on Pediatric Hal.


Student Spotlight!

July 15, 2022

Mr. Kadeem Thomas is a student in the Bachelor of Nursing program and anticipates graduating in Spring semester 2023. Mr. Thomas’ inspiration to pursue this degree comes from his personal experiences of sickness as a child and having a special relationship with nurses at the hospital. “They’re around for you twenty-four seven. You build a genuine relationship with them through therapeutic conversations. They explain procedures and medications to you. They have a comforting presence.” 

Mr. Thomas’ most memorable experience at Plaza College has been his cohort peers. “They’re so upbeat and lively; they hype me up! I get a lot of support from them.” He looks forward to working with patients in maternity and pediatrics come the Fall 2022 semester, for pediatrics is a strong area of interest he would like to specialize in. He is also excited to participate in the Walk Against Breast Cancer and Walk to End Alzheimer’s in October 2022. Mr. Thomas expressed the importance of utilizing therapeutic communication when treating patients with medicine, because “you need a voice behind it. Alot of healing comes from emotional support. That’s why children have such a high rate of healing due to the spirit of levity. This is a practice I’d like to bring to my patients.” He credits the family oriented atmosphere at Plaza College with supporting his academic journey citing how the staff takes time to check in with students and is very committed to student success. He also has a big support system at home giving him the opportunity to completely focus on school. Dean Callahan says, “Mr. Kadeem Thomas’ unwavering commitment to achieve his goals is evident from the moment he began his application process with the Admissions Office. While balancing the rigorous demands of an accelerated nursing program, Mr. Thomas continues to demonstrate his perseverance to become a Registered Nurse by consistently prioritizing his academics, clinical rotations, and willpower to reach the finish line.”

His dream job is to work in an advanced practice of pediatrics given some health issues he faced as a child. Dean Krampf says, “Mr. Kadeem Thomas always has a smile on his face. His calm demeanor will serve him well in nursing. I see how dedicated he is to his studies, and I know that dedication will carry over to his lucky patients.” His favorite study snacks are Hot Fries and he loves any peach flavored beverage (but can easily go through a gallon of water during study sessions). His favorite shows are Sons of Anarchy, Peaky Blinders and Ozark. He loves listening to podcasts on sports as well as The Joe Budden Podcast.

NY1 Visits Plaza College Community Dental Clinic

July 12, 2022

NY1 visited the Plaza College Community Dental Clinic to cover the Shiny Teeth of Queens initiative!

Student Spotlight!

July 10, 2022


Ms. Patrice Smith is a current student in the Allied Health Science program aspiring to transition into the Nursing program. Ms. Smith has worked in the field of healthcare as a Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician for seven years. “I like learning the biology of the body and how disease impacts the patient. I wanted to expand my knowledge even further and this inspired me to apply for the Allied Health Science program at Plaza College with the goal of applying for the Nursing Bachelor Degree. I feel like I can do more as a nurse and going back to school is my path to accomplish this.” Ms. Smith expressed that the Professors have been the most memorable and impactful part of her Plaza experience. “They are so dedicated to their students and I have a special professor, Professor O’Connor, who takes the time to talk and is alway there for me. I also have loved Professor Cromwell’s course and his technique of teaching. He gives his students the best methods to succeed for the content in his class.” Professor Cromwell says that, “It was a pleasure working with Ms. Patrice Smith in Math. She is the ideal kind of Math student because she did not hesitate to ask ‘why’ and then follow a definition to its logical conclusion. Ms. Smith  was also hard working and always punctual. I am glad to have had her as a student.”

Ms. Smith has enjoyed the workshop given by Dean Krampf on “Reliable Sources and Research.” She also really enjoyed her independent study class with Professor Cirigliano, on Social Gerontology, where she learned about the elderly population and their experiences of aging, stereotypes and vulnerabilities, stating that “this is a major component of the healthcare field to be conscious of.” From the Admissions Department all the way through the College’s staff and faculty, Ms. Smith says that everyone has been so wonderful. “I can always reach out to anyone for support, especially to my Professors.” Director O’Connor shares that “Ms. Patrice Smith is a consummate professional who does well in all assignments but is always so grateful when instructors take the time to ensure enhanced understanding.”

Her dream job is to become a Registered Nurse and work with a diverse population to get more exposure to supporting different communities. “I want to see patients happy. My work is done when a patient walks out the door with a smile on their face regardless of what they’re facing.” Ms. Smith is able to balance responsibilities at home and school through family support, dedication and motivation. She made the decision to go from working full time to part time which opened up her schedule to focus on studying and caring for her family. Her favorite study snack is trail mix with cashews, almonds, peanuts, raisins and cranberries. She also recommends watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

Student Spotlight!

July 5, 2022


Mr. Brian Jarmolow is a student in the Dental Hygiene Program anticipating graduation in the Spring 2022 semester for his Associate Degree! Mr. Jarmolow was inspired to pursue this career field from observing his mother and sister who are dentists. “I’ve been working in a dental office for over sixteen years and was ready to take the next step in this industry.” His most memorable experience at Plaza College has been treating his first patient and applying all his knowledge and skills into practice while also observing the end results in real time. He is also looking forward to giving back to the surrounding community and teaching kids about good oral hygiene with Shiny Teeth of Queens, a free dental care initiative hosted by his cohort for children ages 2-17 starting June 22nd-July 15th at the Plaza College Community Dental Clinic! 

Mr. Jarmolow credits his Professors with being supportive and super helpful, “being it’s a small cohort we have more one to one time with Professors and receive feedback on how to be the best clinician. It’s a lot different learning during a lecture versus having someone next to you guiding your instrumentation.” Dean Sleeper shares, “in my years as a hygienist and a director, I have had the opportunity to work with all manner of students – but the students that are in Cohort 6 are of a different ilk. They have weathered so much and have such resilience. I am impressed in particular with Mr. Brian Jarmalow because in the face of such odd times, he is the picture of calm and professionalism. He comes from a dental lineage which has created a certain expectation of his performance and he has delivered. He is on point, on time, technically sound, and an all around model student that I know will go far in this profession and in life. I see higher degrees and expanding his clinical prowess, enhanced by his gentle and caring nature. I’m very proud of Mr. Jarmolow. I know he will be successful and now the rest of the world gets to know this as well!”

His dream job is to work in a few different dental arenas from private practice, to public health and eventually in the field of education as a Professor helping future hygienists. Mr. Jarmolow expressed how important it was for him to work with underserved populations who would benefit most from learning proper brushing and flossing techniques. “Most of these people only go to the dentist when they are in pain, and I want to build a rapport with them so that they will come back and sustain their oral health. I’m excited to apply all my learnings to treating a patient while also taking into account that not all patients are the same and require different treatment plans.” Professor Awad says, “Mr. Jarmolow strives to reach his full potential. He is always eager to learn from his errors and increase his skill set. He seeks responsibilities and follows through. He also enhances the class experience by adding insightful comments.”

Mr. Jarmolow emphasized the importance of using a calendar to organize himself in the program. “I plan a day during the weekend where I can take a break from schoolwork and schedule personal time,” as a way to incorporate balance within his academics. His favorite study snack is Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold brew and he highly recommends watching Ozark (a show he completed in one weekend)! 

Alumni Rising Star

July 1, 2022

Nicketta C. was recently honored at the Dental Hygiene Student Success Symposium with the Rising Star Alumni Award. She was also Student of the Month in Fall 2021 and completed her Associate Degree this past winter. Nicketta is now a licensed dental hygienist and continuing her education in the Bachelor’s Degree program.


Student Spotlight!

June 23, 2022


Ms. Elisabeth Lisa is currently a student in the Medical Assisting major, expected to graduate in Winter semester 2023 Director O’Connor noted that Ms. Lisa “sets the bar very high for herself and reaches it.” She is also a certified hairdresser but always had a passion for the medical arena especially after witnessing her father experience medical issues. Just as well, the COVID-19 pandemic made her reevaluate her career position, leading her to go back to school. Ms. Lisa has the goal to eventually apply for the bridge program for Nursing at Plaza College. “I’m already thinking ten steps ahead. I love helping people. My career right now is a hair dresser. I needed a career where I can give back to the world after witnessing what occurred over the pandemic.”

Her most memorable experience at Plaza College was being awarded for her outstanding academic achievements at the Medical Assisting Symposium during the Winter 2022 semester. “I always worked hard but didn’t expect anything in return. It was so heartwarming to see that three of my Professors, Dr. Anderson, Professor Ferrer and Dr. Husain vouched for me.” Professor Ferrer shares that, “Ms. Lisa is an excellent student who never fails to go above and beyond instructor expectations. She is curious, hardworking, and dedicated.” This current semester, she looks forward to participating in CPR Training because she “wants to understand this process as perfectly as possible to potentially save a life.” Ms. Lisa also looks forward to being a good phelembotmonist now that she understands the concept it’s important for her to make the patient comfortable and not scared. 

Ms. Lisa says that Plaza College has supported her one hundred percent throughout her academic journey. “I’ve never felt discouraged at all. I can always reach out to anyone, always encouraging me to do better. I love everything Plaza has offered.” Her dream job is to work as an Air Force Medic and eventually become a trauma surgeon. “I’m quick on my feet and never scared of a tough moment. Trauma situations are where you need to be focused.” Ms. Lisa takes pride in having custody of her fifteen year old niece the last six months. She takes her home and academic responsibilities day by day as she also helps take care of her parents due to health conditions. “You’ll never catch me not having a book in my hand, whether on the train to work or school. I also like to rewrite notes to have better memory retention.” Her favorite show on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead. She also loves Reese’s Pieces Buttercups as a study snack (highly recommending putting them in the freezer before eating)!

Shiny Teeth of Queens 2022

June 14, 2022

Starting June 22nd – July 15th, the Plaza College Community Dental Clinic is offering FREE dental services on behalf of Shiny Teeth of Queens, hosted by the Student Dental Hygiene Program!

The following services are FREE for children ages 2-17 (no insurance required)!
-Dental Cleanings
-Dental Exam
-Sealants (*if required)
-Fluoride Treatments
-X-Rays (*if necessary) please feel free to bring your children’s x-rays if taken within the last 6 months
Parents and/or legal guardians are encouraged to schedule their own visit along with the children!

Parents and/or legal guardians can bring in their children’s school dental exam form to be officially signed off!
Children will receive a certificate of participation and a goody bag!


Sign your children up early before June 22nd and be entered to win an exclusive gift basket with items from Oral-B, Colgate, and Crest for children and parents/guardians!


All Appointments Must Be Made In Advance! (Unfortunately we cannot accept walk-in appointments)
To Make An Appointment Please Contact shinyteeth@plazacollege.edu or call 718.779.1432! The clinic has hours from 8AM-3PM, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Masks are required for all patients and parents and or legal guardians.
Please note all parents or legal guardians must accompany the child during the appointment.
You will have your temperature taken and a COVID questionnaire to fill out.
Prior to the appointment, your dental hygienist will call you for a telephone consultation.


Patients must bring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 24 hours in order to receive treatment.