Plaza College Honor Society Inductions – October 27th!

September 9, 2011

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 *** Press Release ***

Plaza College’s Honor Society inductions will be held on October 27th, 2011. Student’s who are invited into either of the two honor societies will receive invitations in the next couples of weeks.

Alpha Sigma Lambda and Sigma Kappa Delta are the two Honor Societies found on the Plaza College campus. Both are elite groups that honor those students who achieve outstanding academic success.
To become a member of Alpha Sigma Lamda, you must earn a minimum GPA of 3.2 and 12 credit hours in Liberal Arts courses.
To earn a spot in the Sigma Kappa Delta Honor Society, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 and a B or higher in LL254.
More information on the Honor Society inductions ceremony will be released later this month.

Welcome Back to Plaza College! Classes Start Tomorrow, September 8th!

September 7, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430

 *** Press Release ***

Welcome back! Classes at Plaza College will begin tomorrow, Thursday, September 8th for both day and evening classes. 
Students Talking
If you need to add or exchange classes you can do so starting Monday, September 12th through Friday, September 16th. Please see Student Services for posted hours.
Book distribution for Continuing Students begins Thursday, September 22nd
Dress code reminder: all dress code policies will be strictly enforced for all students beginning Thursday, September 8th!
  • NO blue jeans!
  • NO shorts!
  •  NO hats!
  • All Gentlemen must have collared shirts with ties.
Please remember to “Sign-In” to Student Services if you are late for class AND to bring any and all documentation from absences to the office. 
For more information visit the Plaza College website at

Plaza College Will Be Participating in the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk in October!

September 6, 2011
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***

Once again, the Plaza College community will be participating in the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, October 16th.

The walk will take place at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park starting at 9:00am. The event is not a race, but a celebration of survivorship and a grand event to raise funds and awareness. The occasion helps express hope and a shared goal to end a disease that threatens the lives of so many people we love.

Please join the Plaza College team, or make a contribution to help raise funds for Breast Cancer. Visit the team website, Plaza College’s Team Page, and click on the “Donate to Our Team” pink link. You can donate any amount you wish to contribute – no minimum, no maximum- and all is appreciated.

If you’d like to join our team, click on the “Join Out Team” pink link. Once directed to the next page you can choose to donate now or later, and create a personal fundraising goal to help the Plaza College Team.

Help raise funds for breast cancer awareness by donating or joining the Plaza College team. This is an amazing event that brings students, faculty, staff and administration together for this most important cause.

Jackson Heights, NY – Home to Plaza College

September 2, 2011
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***
The neighborhood of Jackson Heights is situated in the northwest portion of Queens County within New York City. Because of its historic charm, most of the original neighborhood is a National Register Historic District and a New York State Historic Register District.

The Jackson Heights New York State and National Register Districts range from 93rd Street through 69th Street between Northern Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue. The area is believed to be the first garden city community built in the United States as part of the international garden city movement at the turn of last century. For years, many families have taken advantage of the multiple groupings of private homes and co-op buildings surrounding the beautiful, secluded private gardens.

The New York City Historic District of Jackson Heights encompasses an area between 76th and 88th Streets, Roosevelt Avenue and Northern Boulevard. Unlike the State and National Districts, the local designation comes with aesthetic protections. Much of the community has late 19th and 20th century architectural revival style, which gives Jackson Heights its distinctive charisma.

Jackson Heights has been the home of Plaza College for over 40 years. Known as a cohesive, people-oriented community, Jackson Heights is known as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, being a magnet for people from an incredibly wide variety of backgrounds.

Plaza College represents the cultural diversity of Jackson Heights and its community. The institution has a tradition of providing students with a quality education that will lead to opportunities for both personal growth and career development. Since 1916, when Plaza College was founded in Long Island City, the College’s reputation for excellence has been well recognized throughout the employer and academic community.

To meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, the College is committed to building upon its strengths by keeping the Plaza tradition of being a student-centered environment, ensuring the success of each graduate. This family-friendly community, both on and off campus, provides the perfect setting for personal, educational and career growth.

For more information, please visit the Plaza College website linked here.

Submit Your Pictures to Plaza College!

August 31, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***

Plaza College is asking you to get involved! 

We’re encouraging students to send in pictures taken on campus, at school events, or related to Plaza College. These pictures will then be uploaded to Flickr to share with the Plaza College Community and may be featured on the weekly blog postings!

If you currently don’t have any pictures to submit, pull out your camera (or camera phone!) and get snapping! Freshman Orientation and back-to-school week are the perfect times to capture great moments!

Please send all pictures to with a short description of the picture, your name and affiliation to Plaza College.

How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation? Share Your Experiences with Plaza College!

August 29, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***

The end of August usually brings the end of beautiful weather; the end of lazy beach days; the end of extensive vacations; and the beginning of school.

How did you spend your summer vacation? Did you relax on a beach? Or were you too busy traveling the country? Some student’s spent their summer backpacking through Europe while others took a road trip across the US.

Maybe you didn’t have much time to sit back and relax because you were working this summer. What are you saving up for? Instead of getting paid, some students decided to intern at a prestigious organization or volunteer their time for a good cause.

However you spent your summer vacation, Plaza College would like to hear about it!

Please submit a brief description, 2-3 paragraphs maximum, of your summer experiences to Share what you did; what you learned; what you saw, etc. A select few submissions will be featured right here on the Plaza College Blog later this month! 

Enroll Now for Fall 2011 Semester & Save The Date for Freshman Orientation!

August 26, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***

The 2011 fall semester is quickly approaching! Are you enrolled? If not, you still have time to enroll at Plaza College

Plaza College is a student-centered institution that goes above and beyond normal expectations to ensure the success of its students. Click here to apply online now, and schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

Classes begin on Thursday, September 8th.

Are you a freshman? If so, don’t miss freshman orientation. It’s an important event in which you will have the opportunity to meet and greet various staff, faculty and administrators, as well as introduce yourself to fellow students.

There are two sessions: Tuesday, September 6th and Wednesday September 7th. For day students, meet us on Tuesday at 1:00pm, or Wednesday at 11:00am. For extended day students, join us at 5:30pm on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

Earthquake Shakes Plaza College

August 24, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***

At approximately 2:00pm, a 5.9 magnitude Earthquake hit Virginia yesterday, Tuesday August 24th. Although it struck 300 miles away, the entire East Coast shook, including Jackson Heights, New York.

The epicenter of the earthquake was near Mineral, Virginia; about 85 miles outside our nation’s capital of Washington, DC.  According to an article posted by ABC WorldNews, “the pillars of the capital in Washington, DC shook. Alarms sounded in the FBI and Department of Justice buildings, and some flooding was reported on an upper floor of the Pentagon as a result of the quake.”

Plaza College quickly took action and evacuated campus buildings once desks started moving and bookcases began trembling.

Queens residents spoke to the Queens Courier, reporting their experience with the quake. “I felt the earthquake. It was weird. I didn’t know what to do,” said Lisa Heron of Springfield Gardens. She added that she was “relieved when it stopped.” Another Queens resident from Bayside said he was “sure it was either construction or the train,” (Queens Courier).  

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke with city police and fire commissioners, and said they’ve activated the Office of Emergency Management’s Situation Room (Queens Courier). Bloomberg said, “Thankfully, there are no reports of significant damage or injuries in NYC at this time… Shortly before we evacuated City Hall briefly, but quickly returned to work. As we await more news from Virginia and elsewhere, our thoughts in NY are with those who were more directly affected by this natural disaster,” (Queens Courier).

The last recorded earthquake to rattle the Northeast Coast was in November of 2010, when a minor 3.9 magnitude quake was detected off the coast of Long Island from Massapequa to East Hampton.

Plaza College has an emergency response plan to ensure the safety and security of all students and faculty in the event of an emergency, including natural disasters.

For more information on the earthquake that struck Virginia, click here. Post your earthquake story, including where you were and your experience with it, below or on the Plaza College Facebook page.

Plaza College Unleashes 5 New Videos on YouTube Channel

August 22, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***

Plaza College is known for its small, family like environment. Both students and faculty recognize the unique attention, and describe the relationships in the recent video testimonials posted to YouTube.

The Medical Assisting program at Plaza College prepares students to obtain career opportunities such as a Medical Assistant, Clinical Assistant and Medical Office Assistant. Due to the gradual aging of the population, advances in medical technologies, and the extension of life expectancies, health care employment will be in strong demand. Among the 20 occupations projected to grow the fastest from 2008-2018, 10 of them are health care related (! 

Matthew Lasalle, a student in the Medical Assisting program, notes his success because of Plaza College in his testimonial. He says the faculty’s main goal is to help you succeed; therefore they have pushed him to do better and challenge himself within the coursework in order to feel well prepared for the workforce. Click here to view Matthew Lasalle’s testimonial on YouTube. 

Asmaa Abbas is another student in the Medical Assisting program whose goal is to attend medical school. She realizes how special the program at Plaza College is offering a GED in medical assisting, which saves time and money. Asmaa also points out how generous and supportive the program is, opening doors and options for their students through volunteer and work opportunities. Click here to view Asmaa Abbas’s testimonial on YouTube. 

Tiffany Graham and Alexandra Palma are both enrolled in the Business Administration program at Plaza College. This program offers students the critical business skills needed to succeed in a position within any type of business organization including marketing, finance, management, technology and healthcare. Through an individualized curriculum focused on business courses, students develop the ability to analyze and solve problems faced by today’s business administrators. 

Tiffany notes the uniqueness of the small, multi-cultural college, allowing everyone to know everyone, and endless help for everything. Click here to view Tiffany’s testimonial on YouTube. Similarly, Alexandra says the personal, one-on-one attention given to each student encourages everyone to succeed. Click here to view Alexandra’s testimonial on YouTube.

All the students, whether in the medical assisting or business administration program, agree that the faculty go above and beyond to see their students thrive. Their warm, caring and compassionate ethics fully demonstrate the family feel Plaza College offers. 

Professor Howle, Director of Alumni Relations also offers a testimonial, claiming that the specific attention provided, as well as the family-like support really adds a personal touch for students. Click the YouTube link to see Professor Howle’s testimonial, as well as links for other videos on the Plaza College YouTube channel.

Plaza College Featured in The Queens Courier

August 19, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 *** Press Release ***

As a nearly 100-year-old school in Jackson Heights, Plaza College is uniquely structured as a family friendly institution, exemplifying core family values and support, generation after generation. The Queens Courier recognized this family founded college recently in their publication.
Steve Mosco, writer for The Queens Courier, wrote an article about Plaza College and its family foundation, concrete education and successful structure in “Plaza College – Family founded going on 100.”
Plaza College provides the resources, whether it is academic, financial, technical or social, necessary for all students to reach their highest level of success. Provst Charles E. Callahan III is committed to maintaining the college’s status as a private independent family institution through hard work and dedication on part of all members of the Plaza College community. “From the moment a student walks in the door of admissions to the time they are scheduled to graduate, Plaza College provides that specialized and individualized attention to each student, making students an extension of that Plaza College Family,” (The Queens Courier).
Plaza College
Noted in the article is the myriad of opportunities Plaza College provides in an array of undergraduate and graduate fields. “The extensive education program and comprehensive training provided prepares students for careers in business management, accounting, information technology, marketing, sales managing, medical assisting and business ownership,” (The Queens Courier).
Plaza College provides their graduates with endless opportunities. With a career placement success rate of 95%, recent graduates of Plaza College have earned positions at distinguished employers such as Elmhurst Hospital, Morgan Stanley, Cantor Fitzgerald, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Macy’s, NJ Transit and NYC Department of Design and Construction (The Queens Courier).
With the flexible student schedules offered, anyone can earn their degree at this family-friendly, affordable institution. Whether you’re looking to go back to school, start your degree or take some extra credits, Plaza College has a place for you.
To read the full article published by The Queens Courier about Plaza College, click the link below.
Plaza College in The Queens Courier

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