Lupus Fundraiser/Awareness Event Today at Plaza College

July 7, 2011
Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

Plaza College is pleased to announce that Student Affairs is hosting a Lupus fundraiser/awareness event that is happening all day (July 7th, 2011) starting at 11:40am. The Fundraiser will consist of a food and baked good sale at Plaza College. We will also have Lupus Bracelets and Pens for sale. In addition, a speaker will be coming to speak to student’s during the Plaza College hour.
Many individuals are unaware of what Lupus actually is and the effects it can have. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder and it effects organ systems, skin, joints, and internal organs. Lupus can effect both men and women, but it is eight times as likely in women. It can also occur at any age, but the typical age range for someone to get Lupus is ten to fifty. It is normally more common in African American people as well as Asian people. This is a disease that is usually hereditary, but in some cases there is no family history of Lupus.
Lupus is a disease that turns the body’s defenses against the body itself. Lupus occurs when antibodies attack the healthy cells in the body. Certain drugs can cause Lupus as well. Most cases have some family background to them, but in a few cases there is no apparent cause for the disease. The disease has been heavily researched and has been linked to other disorders, but only in theory, nothing is definitely stated for fact.

Symptoms of this can vary in a wide variety of areas in the body. In the muscloskeletal area it affects the joints and causes mild to severe joint pain. Lupus is known to cause athritis in the hands. The skin is affected by rashes, skin lesions, and painful nodules that appear to be raised bruises. Kidneys produce protein deposits and can have renal failure, leading to dialysis. The Nervous System can cause mental dysfunction, seizures, psychosis, and severe headaches. Blood clots can occur as well as pulmonary embolism. The heart could produce chest pain, endocraditis, and myocarditis. Which the symptoms in the heart could also have something to do with the effects Lupus has in the blood, with the clotting that can occur. Shortness of breath and even pleurisy can occur within the lungs due to Lupus.


Special Note Taking & Study Techniques

July 6, 2011
Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

The most comprehensive note taking systems require attention on your part. You must be alert enough in class to take legible, meaningful notes. You can’t rely on “writing everything down” because a lot of information in a given lecture won’t help you actually learn the material. If you have problems determining the specific relevant points in a particular class, you can always ask the professor to clarify them for you.
The 2-6 Method: The 2-6 refers to the way you divide the space on your notepaper. Make two columns, using the red line on the left of the page as your border. Then, when you take notes in class, use the 6 column for the notes and the smaller 2 column on the left as a highlighting system. Write main headings and important points on the left, including material you think you will be tested on. When you’re finished, you should have a comprehensive page of information that you can quickly scan for important points. Studying is 99% perspiration; if you give it a real, concentrated effort over the course of a semester you will see an improvement.

Split Page Method

Class lectures and your textbook are the primary sources of course content and you must learn both. So combine them with the split page method of taking notes. Just divide your notebook page in half lengthwise. Draw a line down the middle of the page. Take class notes on one side of the page and outline the text on the other side. When you study you’ll have both. Class notes and text together, combined. Some students find it helpful to add a third column for questions they need to ask the professor.

Noteworthy Notes

Are your grades as good as you want them to be? Are your notes worth reviewing? Notes are phrases and abbreviations that we rush to jot down while trying to follow a lecture. Later, when we go back to review our notes, there are times when we can’t seem to understand or remember what those key words and phrases meant. Sometimes we can’t even read our own handwriting. Here is a note-taking study tip that has proven to be effective. After you have finished class, immediately rush to the nearest computer lab and retype your notes. You need to rewrite those phrases as complete thoughts and sentences. Use proper punctuation and dot your I’s, cross your T’s and use “cut and paste” to put your notes into some type of a logical sequence. While retyping your notes you are using several modalities: you review as you read your notes aloud, you use your hand to type, and you reread again as you proof read what you have typed. Research indicates that 80% of new material can be recalled if you review notes within the first 24 hours of presentation. Also, clean typed notes are easier to read and highlight as you study. If you retype your notes daily, you will keep the task from becoming overwhelming, you will learn good study habits that aid in memory retention and, at the same time, improve your grades.

There are many effective ways to learn information; it is a question of figuring out what works for you. What type of studying best suits you? What time of day are you most efficient? What is the proper environment for you to study in? Before you can answer these questions, you have to do a little research. It takes an effort but the rewards are more than worth it.


When we first learn something, information is processed into the brain to form a neural trace. This trace first enters your sensory memory, and then, if you’re paying attention, to your Short Term Memory, or STM. If you keep working to process the information and adjust it correctly it then moves to your Long Term Memory, or LTM. The information processed into your LTM is more or less permanent; with occasional reviewing you will not forget it. The trick is to adapt the information you really need into your LTM as quickly as possible. Your STM has a small capacity and a short duration; you may learn something very quickly, but in 24 hours you will lose 80% of that information. The STM is fast and easily accessed, the LTM is slower but larger. 


The key to learning something well is repetition; the more times you go over the material the better chance you have of storing it permanently. Before you begin this process, however, it makes sense that you determine the type of learner you are. There are three basic types of learning: Visual, Auditory and Haptic. Most of us are, in fact, some combination of the three, but chances are one style will suit us more than the other two. Take some time to look over the types and figure out which category best describes your method of learning. Learning Types Visual Learners: 

Visual learners study best when the material is graphic, ie. charts, tables, maps, etc. When in class, visual people should look at the professors when they are speaking, participate in class discussions and take detailed notes during lectures. When studying, study alone in a quiet place and try to transcribe your material on paper. When possible make drawings, graphs or tables of complex abstract ideas and work alone. Visual learners often have trouble working while having a dialogue, even if the dialogue directly pertains to the subject matter. 

Auditory Learners

Auditory people work best when they can hear the material. Read aloud, go over your notes and talk to yourself about the important points. Before reading, set a purpose and verbalize it, after you’ve finished be sure to summarize out loud what you just read. Speak your ideas into a recording device as if you were having a conversation with someone, if you can, talk to your friends about the material. Because auditory learners sometimes have trouble keeping columns aligned, try doing math computations by hand, on graph paper.

Haptic Learners

Haptic learners are the people that can’t sit still. Haptics have to pace around the room and must have music or a television playing in the background. They are almost constantly finding themselves distracted. Haptic learning is just as effective as the other two types. Instead of fighting against your nature, adapt to it and find a method that really works. Make studying more physical and work at a standing desk, pace around the room, do reading while on an exercise bike, chew gum. Try to use color when you can. Highlight your readings, read with a filtered light, put posters and bright colors around your desk. Haptic people should vary their activities, if you feel frustrated or ‘clogged up’ do something different for a few minutes. Try and keep a list of distractions as they come to you abd once you write them down, they won’t bother your concentration as much. If you want to, play music in the background at whatever volume you choose to. When reading, try skimming over the chapter to get a solid basic meaning before you really dig in. Try to visualize complex projects from start to finish before you begin them. Visualization is a useful tool for Haptic people, it helps you keep a positive, productive outlook on the task at hand.

The True Meaning and History of the 4th of July

July 1, 2011
Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

You might be planning where you’re going to watch the fireworks this weekend to celebrate the Fourth or can’t wait to eat hot dogs and apple pie during a festive cookout or pool party. While you’re doing those things, July 4th is a great time to think about those who helped guarantee America’s independence and freedom.

We celebrate individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. who entered college at age 15! Martin Luther King Jr. began taking college classes in Atlanta, and he graduated in June 1948 with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. A few years later, he earned his bachelor of divinity degree in 1951. But he didn’t stop there, and he earned his doctorate of philosophy in June 1955. King has had many scholarships named after him, and schools have named facilities in honor of the late civil rights leader.
We also celebrate heroes like George Washington who is our nation’s first president. The Washington, D.C. School was created, after his death, through an Act of Congress that fulfilled his vision to have an institution in the capital that educated future leaders. Thomas Paine is another individual to honor this 4th of July. Thomas is most recognized for his work, “Common Sense.” Institutions commemorate the anniversary of Paine’s death out of respect.
Independence Day, better known today as the 4th of July, is a majestic holiday in the United States of America and is often a favorite of young people who especially enjoy the colorful and noisy traditional fireworks. The fireworks, however, are a symbol of the meaning behind the 4th of July celebration of independence. The meaning behind the 4th of July Independence Day holiday came about as the result of the courageous efforts and strong determination of our American forefathers not very long ago.
Our American forefathers successfully worked through strife, fears, and the bullies of their time to prevail in establishing this great country. We, as recipients and inheritors of their magnificent efforts, must hold our heads up high as we express our thanks and jubilation on the 4th of July. Independence Day holiday celebrations that we live in such a great country, and we should be encouraged to work together, hand in hand, to resolve our problems and differences in order to maintain the integrity and values that the great and famous document, the Declaration of Independence was founded upon.

There is an important lessons here that we, too, can resolve all of our differences, and as we enjoy celebrating the 4th of July Independence Day holiday with the magnificent fireworks, tasty barbecues, traditional hot dogs, fun parades and other symbolic events that mark the freedom and birth of our great country, we share a common goal and belief that all people are created equal and that this country is founded on the belief of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

To all the currently active or retired military personal THANK YOU for being instrumental in ensuring the USA continues to enjoy the freedoms our forefathers saw fit to fight for.

Plaza Alumni Receive a FREE Excel 2007 Workshop

June 28, 2011
Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

Hello everyone!

Recently, a group of Employers from all over NYC visited Plaza College to give us tips on how to better prepare our students and alumni for the business world.

Every single one of them agreed on one skill that students must know very well nowadays if they want to be more marketable: EXCEL 2007!

As a result, we are offering Plaza Alumni a FREE Excel 2007 workshop in a few weeks. It will be led by some of Plaza’s finest instructors, and if it is well-attended, we may offer more like these in the future.

All you have to do is reply to this email to RSVP! All the information is below. We will also be providing you free lunch.

Stronger Excel skills? Better job opportunities? Free lunch? Coming back to Plaza? Whaaat?


Here is the info:

What:  Excel 2007 Workshop

Date:  Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time:  The workshop begins at 9:30 AM sharp and ends at 1:00 PM. Free lunch will be served!

Cost:   FREE for Plaza College alumni!!

Where: PLAZA COLLEGE – Room 8

Space is extremely limited, so please RSVP now! 

We care about our Alumni, and I hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity!

All my best,

Professor Howle

Plaza College Announces Winner to the “Whoopi” Contest

June 24, 2011
Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

Plaza College appreciates the positive feedback and response our student body has given towards the “Whoopi” Social Media competition. It has been a very fun and exciting contest to watch.

As everyone know’s, there can only be ONE winner to receive the grand prize. Drum roll please! buzz………….. The Winner of the Plaza College “Whoopi” Social Media Competition is Lawanna Dean!!!!! Lawanna will be rewarded two tickets to see Sister Act on Broadway, Produced by Whoopi Goldberg. Lawanna has proven to be persistent and dedicated to her school by subscribing to the blog and communicating on the Plaza College Facebook page on a daily basis.  

Plaza College will be announcing more deals and promotions through our social media sites so make sure you are connected! You can connect with each Plaza College Social Platform below by clicking on the links.

Plaza College Facebook
Plaza College Twitter
Plaza College Blog
Plaza College Flickr
Plaza College YouTube
Plaza College Foursquare

Thank you to all of the participants in this contest and special thanks to Lawanna! Stay informed about upcoming contests by reading the Plaza College Blog.

Plaza College Presents It’s Official YouTube Channel

June 23, 2011
Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

Plaza College is excited to unveil the release of our latest Video on the college’s YouTube Channel. The video acknowledges the well deserved and hard earned accomplishments and achievements of Plaza College Students at the Graduate Recognition Ceremony hosted at Terrace on the Park on June 2, 2011.  

YouTube is the most popular video sharing Web site Founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, it was acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. YouTube is another amazing Internet phenomenon with meteoric growth like, Yahoo, Google, MySpace and Facebook. Within a couple years, more than 25 quadrillion bytes (petabytes) of videos were being streamed from the site each month.

Below, is the video of the Plaza College Awards Ceremony. Stop by our YouTube page and leave some feedback! It will only help your chances of being crowned the winner to our “Whoopi” contest which will be announced tomorrow.

Congratulations to All 2011 Graduates

June 21, 2011
Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

Plaza College is tremendously proud of every Plaza student who received a diploma at last Friday’s Graduation Ceremony. Your hard-work and determination has earned you a college degree! It’s time to start on the career path to a bright and successful future.
                                              College Grads around the nation are deciding what the next step in their lives may be. Whether it is to start your career now and join the workforce, continue on to higher education or even take some time to travel, college grads can relate to one another. We have compiled some of the most uplifting and inspirational quotes from celebrities who have made a commencement speech. You should be proud of your accomplishment!

Don’t be afraid to learn. Knowledge is weightless, a treasure you can always carry easily.” Brian J. Dyson (Businessman, Former CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises)

“I’d like to encourage this group to attack and to play to win. But it’s also about how you play the game of life. You play with great integrity and honor and class. You must give back to your community and make this a better place to live for all of us.”Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach)

“You will have failures in your life, but it is what you do during those valleys that will determine the heights of your peaks.” Rahm Emanuel (Former White House Chief of Staff)

“So as you graduate today, never lose that optimism and that fighting spirit. Congratulations and God bless all of you.” Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor and Politician)

“This is your time and it feels normal to you but really there is no normal. There’s only change, and resistance to it and then more change.” Meryl Streep (Actress)

Find something that you are really passionate about. This gives you a strong sense of purpose and it is a big part of happiness. To do that, you need to be honest with yourself, observant, and make the most out of a situation.” Marissa Mayer (VP at Google Inc.)

Last Chance to Win Sister Act Tickets on Broadway

June 15, 2011

Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

On May 20th, 2011, Plaza College announced their “Sister Act” Social Media contest to help build Plaza’s Social Media presence. Since the release of the contest we have over 50 Plaza College students in the running to win a pair of tickets to see Sister Act on Broadway, produced by Whoopi Goldberg!

You will now have one last chance to enter to win the contest. If you are not yet aware on how to enter to win please follow these instructions:

1. Subscribe to our Blog HERE 

2. “Like” our Facebook Page HERE 

Write the name “Whoopi” on our wall one time, or once a day.

It’s that simple! One of the “Whoopi’s” written on the Plaza College Facebook wall will be randomly chosen, and if that person “Likes” the page and has subscribed to the Plaza blog, they win!  

If you really want to impress the judges you can connect with Plaza College on even more social pages! Feel free to connect with the following pages:


Good Luck! And remember, enter to win right away as this contest will end soon!

Father and Son Graduate From Plaza College Together

June 13, 2011

Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

Fathers and sons engage in a wide variety of activities together, but graduating from college usually isn’t one of them.

Conventional practices did not deter 50-year-old Andres Lasalle from attending Plaza College, and subsequently recruiting his son Matthew Lasalle to join him there. On June 17, they will be the first father and son pair to graduate from Plaza College together and the first members of their family to receive a college diploma.
                                                                                                                                “By studying all those late nights, we made a bond with each other,” said Andres. “It brought us closer together.”
                                                                                                                          Graduating was not enough for the father and son team of Plaza College, as they are known around the school. They are also giving the commencement speech at their graduation, and each received multiple commendations at Plaza’s annual Graduates Awards Ceremony on June 2 at Terrace on the Park. Matthew won the Alumni Association Service Award, as well as awards for citizenship, typing speed and writing. His father won awards for citizenship, collegiate spirit and having a GPA over 3.7.
                                                                                                                             “They represent the finest that our school has to offer,” said Professor Jonathan Howle, director of Alumni Relations at Plaza College. “We are always saying that our college, because it’s so small, is like a family. This takes that to another level. They’re such a powerful symbol for the college.”
                                                                                                                                The elder Lasalle, who lost his job as a security manager in January 2009, decided to go back to school when he found it difficult to gain employment without a college degree.

“Since he always had a job he never had time for school,” said Matthew. “Seeing him sacrifice time to get the degree, because that’s what he needed to take care of all of us, made his work ethic rub off on me. It was great to finish this journey with him.”

Andres will graduate with his associate’s degree in business administration and is continuing his education as he pursues his bachelor’s degree. Matthew is graduating with his associate’s degree in medical assistance, and will attend medical school to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. Through their determination, Andres and Matthew inspired Daniel Fernandez, Matthew’s cousin, to also attend Plaza College.

Andres and Matthew didn’t have any classes together, but they did share several professors. Although Andres has an excellent reputation with his teachers, it is Matthew who is graduating with the higher GPA, a fact he will surely prevent his father from ever forgetting. Regardless of grades, all who have met them expect the father and son team of Plaza to accomplish their goals.

“If Matthew says he’s going to be a doctor, he will be,” said Professor Howle. “I can see Andres running his own business and giving Donald Trump a run for his money.”

Humanitarian Day 2011 – 1112 Reasons to Celebrate!

June 10, 2011

Plaza College
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372    (718) 779-1430
 * * * Press Release * * *

Dear Plaza College Community, 

I just wanted to send a HUGE “thank you” for your incredible generosity this past Tuesday for Humanitarian Day.

Together, in one day, we raised $1112 for the Arthritis Foundation and the American Red Cross. Each group will receive a check for $556 from Plaza College.

I hope you are all aware of how far your donations will go! This money will help those suffering from arthritis, from young children to senior citizens. It will also go to help people in the south and midwest, who lost everything after the recent tornados. Even more urgently, the money we raised may mean that a few families, currently living in temporary shelters in rural Missouri, will have three meals each day, for one or two weeks.

I must give a few shout-outs to some extraordinary members of the Plaza community, without whom we could not have had this great success.
I would especially like to thank two amazing students who helped coordinate Humanitarian Day. From making and distributing flyers – to working 12 hours non-stop on Tuesday, they did it all!

Asmaa Abbas and Tereesa Ifill.

These incredible women are only in their third semester and have made such a difference. THANK YOU, ASMAA and TEREESA!!!!

Many, many thanks to all of the following (Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff, Administrators) for their time & their incredibly generous donations to the event:

Akinbajo, Titi
Arboleda, Veronica (Alum)
header_admissionsArgudo, Yvonne
Barclay, Malik
Blandon, Juan G.
Butchy, Laura (Professor)
Cordoba, Caroline
Cruz, Danneza

Eckhardt, Anne (Professor)
Escobar, Kristy
Espinal, Shayeeda

header_financial aidFordunski, Marisa (Professor)
Fortyz, Brandie
Gadson, Kenya
Garcia, Danny
Gomez, Edward
Gordon, Autherine
Graham, Tiffany
Hassan, Abdul

Hicks, Elizabeth (Faculty/Staff)
header_student servicesHolloway, Shirley
Hunter-Montilla, Marlen
Hussein, Emad
Kaur, Mandeep
Kennedy, Kiesha
King, Christopher
Konrad, Jozefa
Leggett, Cynthia
Loffert, Lin (Professor)

header_financial aidMarrero, Melissa
Marte, Estefania
Marte, Jose (Alum)
Martin, Katrina
McManus, Lynn (Professor)
Melara, Richard
Montgomery, Randi
Murphy, Rita (Professor)
Nixon, Candace

Noonan, Andrea
header_community relationsPadgett, Diana
Papoutsakis, Evangeli
Persaud, Archmanie
Rodriguez, Elka
Savillano, Angela (Alum)
Shankar, Yeshodha
Sibblis, Dorothea (Professor)
Sosa, Emily
Thompson, Ruth
Tortora, Melissa (Professor)
Vass, Anthony

Young, Solomon 


Many thanks,
Professor Howle

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