Top Picks at the Tribeca Film Festival

April 18, 2012

It’s that time of year again. The Tribeca Film Festival is now invading downtown Manhattan with the usual straggling mixture of big-name Hollywood Blockbusters. Here are a few listings from the top 10 at the film festival that you should be sure to check out!
Headshot is about a disgraced cop disguised as a monk who assassinates a politician, thereby earning a bullet in his own skull. We then find out how our fallen hero ended up progressing toward this predicament along the path of karmic redemption. The fact that the killer literally sees everything upside down—dig those dizzying POV shots!—seems appropriate, given how Thai filmmaker Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Monrak Transistor) upends conventions of hit-man parables and Hitchcockian thrillers while plying his trademark chilly-sexy-cool style.
Let Fury Have the Hour is a thrillingly articulate wallop of ’80s-era rage. Antonino D’Ambrosio’s color-tinted political collage is about a crucial subject made visual: the ideological shift away from social responsibility and toward free-market individualism. It’s a moment identified with Reagan and Thatcher—here is all that striking-miner footage you wished had been in The Iron Lady—but the documentary also includes some choice new interviews: Chuck D, John Sayles, Eve Ensler, Billy Bragg and more. How refreshing it is to hear musicians and artists eschewing indie softheadedness and getting to the point.
Postcards from the Zoo has Indonesia’s reigning fantasist, Edwin (Tribeca is apparently the go-to fest for mono-monikered moviemakers), delivers a dreamy fairy tale about a young woman (Ladya Cheryl) who grows up in a zoo. Once a cowboy-magician takes our heroine out of her giraffe-filled Garden of Eden, however, things quickly go south. Like his previous feature, 2008’s Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly,Edwin’s latest is a magpie affair—absurdist tangents, oblique social commentary, music-video visuals—that transforms into something cracked and completely sui generis.
Sleepless Night has us questioning if the French are lapping us in terms of action-movie satisfaction? Frédéric Jardin’s curve-hugging cop thriller breathes new life into that old saw about a dirty police officer (Tomer Sisley), a kidnapped son, and a bag of missing narcotics, but it also carefully constructs the kind of white-knuckle ride that we used to look to American potboilers for. Trust us, the knock-down, drag-out fight in a nightclub kitchen alone makes this Gallic crime flick essential viewing for genre fiends.

Will you be seeing any of these films?  Tell us on the Plaza College Facebook wall!

Importance of Summer Internships

April 17, 2012
Summer Internships are a crucial and important part of any student’s academic career. Although your internship may end up being totally different than expected, there is tremendous value in what you can take away from the experience presented.  
Everyone has a preconceived notion of what their ideal job would be. This is often times based purely on hypotheticals. First, internships can teach you more about what you do and what you don’t want to do. It is pretty common for someone to begin working at what they thought was their “ideal job” and they realize it isnt so ideal after all. 
Internships are a great opportunity to test drive different positions and different fields out there and see what the best fit is for you.  It is sensible to figure these types of things out as an intern, rather than as a full-time hire after graduation. Summer is a great time to try to setup an internship and see what’s out there!
Internships are often directly related to your major and give insight as to what is to be expected in the career field.  If your internship is not in your direct field of study, embrace it. Use it as an opportunity to build and develop skills that may be valuable in the long run.  Many large employers and corporations list interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills above technical aptitude when looking for new hires.  What better way to acquire these skills then through an internship?

If you would like more information on how to obtain an internship, please visit the Career Services Department today!

New York Kicks Off Baseball Season

April 13, 2012
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Baseball season is back in the Big Apple! The New York Yankees threw out their first pitch on their home turf at 1pm this afternoon! It’s their 110th home opener in franchise history and the 4th in their new stadium. The Yankees started the season with a sweep in Tampa followed by a 3 game winning streak in Baltimore. The Bronx Bombers are heading home in hopes of winning another series against the Angels. 
The stadium hosted many pregame festivities including a ceremonial first pitch thrown by former catcher Jorge Posada. Yankees manager Joe Girardi reported that the team wass excited for the home opener and feels that the season really starts when you go home.
This is the third time the Angels face the New York Yankees in their home opener. The Angels also helped the Bomber’s stadium open in 1968.
Last week, the New York Mets kicked off their season opener and won 1-0 against the Atlanta Braves. The amazin’ Mets honored late catcher Gary Carter and announced a crowd of 42,080- the largest ever at Citi Field!
The Mets are celebrating their 50th anniversary season this year.
Let’s Go New York!

Top NYC Restaurants Choosing Young Chefs to Run Their Kitchen!

April 10, 2012
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*** Press Release ***
New York City has recently been taken over by a few new young chefs, including Justin Bogle, the 31-year old Executive Chef at Gilt, and 26 year old Katzie Guy-Hamilton, who just landed a job at New York Central.
Bogle, one of the youngest chefs to receive two Michelin stars, says that he sees the next generation of chefs paving their own paths and expressing their individuality. He believes that many of these fresh new chefs will be taking what they’ve learned from earlier generations and incorporating that into their cooking style while adding their own uniqueness to set themselves apart.
Joseph Buenconsejo is executive chef at The Americano where he serves French food with a Latin flair.Patrick Cappiello, director of Gilt’s wine and beverage program, says that the goal of the restaurant is to keep loyal clientele but to begin attracting a younger crowd as well. The restaurant is trying to maintain relatively well-priced items for a restaurant in a high-end hotel. Bogle believes that fine dining is not something that’s in the past, but it is something that is just evolving.
Bogle also offers some advice to other young chefs who are up and coming and trying to land a job. His advice simply is “just keep cooking.” 
While many students are anxious about their futures, stories like this should inspire them to keep their heads held high and their eye on the prize! Many employers in the culinary, marketing, medical and business fields are all putting faith in younger employees, rewarding them with more responsibilities and greater opportunities. The next story could be featuring YOU!
What are you career goals? What advice do you have for students trying to achieve their dreams? Let us know on the Plaza College Facebook Wall, linked HERE.

Plaza College Featured in the Queens Courier!

April 6, 2012

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*** Press Release ***

Plaza College was recently featured in the Queens Courier. Neresa Joseph and Alexandra Palma, both undergraduate students at Plaza College recently represented their schools chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta (SKD). SKD is an English honor society for those who are pursuing their associate’s degree.  This year, the National Chapter of the Year competition was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Writing is more than a hobby for these two students. They use writing to express themselves from the depths of their being and to relay feelings that may never reach the surface.

Joseph and Palma both returned to Plaza College with the top prize. They were recognized as the best SKD chapter in the country over the past year from a pool of 120 colleges! Joseph, the secretary of SKD also won a $750 national service scholarship while in New Orleans.

To be eligible to win Chapter of the Year award, members of SKD had to select a single service project that they had to coordinate. The project had to best represent the chapter’s work in promoting the English language.

Palma has recently received her associate’s degree in business administration and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the same field. She is also the president of Plaza’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honor society.

Joseph helped in coordinating SKD’s multicultural poetry slam where over $700 was raised. After completing her studies, Joseph plans to pursue a career in child psychology or journalism.

Titanic in 3D to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic!

April 5, 2012

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*** Press Release ***

To correspond with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, director James Cameron has decided to re-release the game-changing 1997 film by adding another dimension. The story and film will remain the same, but 3-D visuals will be more remarkable and the tension ratchets will be up several notches than the last time you saw it!

The movie is based on a true story of the grand ship’s destruction when it hits an iceberg, with fictional tales and characters also intertwined. Different than other 3D films, Titanic’s images are sharper and more gut-wrenching, adding to the already dramatic story line.

The 1997 film showcased both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s promising talents as well as other strong supporting actors and actresses.

Will you head to the theatre to catch Titanic 3D?

Helpful Tips: How to Make Your Resume Stand Out!

April 2, 2012

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*** Press Release ***

For many college graduates, trying to land a job is more difficult than ever. Employment is extremely competitive and many students are struggling to find a job after graduation. Graduates often post their resumes to sites such as LinkedIn, Monster, and Career Builder, putting their resume up against hundreds of others!

Here are a couple of tips to make your resume stand out amongst others and get noticed online!

The first tip is to determine key words. If your resume does not contain keywords that managers are looking for, then the chances of that candidate’s resume being seen becomes slim to none. You may be wondering what these keywords are. Make sure to read the job description and examine the key facts about what the job entails. The job description will show a candidate exactly which keywords he or she should use to make their resume appear to standout and at the top of the hiring manager’s search!

The next tip is to start with relevant skills. Once your keywords for your resume have been selected, it is crucial to put them in a place where they will be seen. The first place to put these words is at the very beginning of the resume, just after the header. Depending on what type of position you’re applying for, these keywords can be placed in a list under “relevant skills” or can be included in a short “summary” type paragraph. It is important to put as many relevant skills as possible to get your resume to standout. The next best place to put relevant skill keywords is after every job in which you’ve applied these skills. This will help the manager to get a strong sense for the candidate’s abilities with each of the skills he or she is searching for.

The next tip to make your resume standout is straight forward formatting. If your resume contains any type of table, graph, or charts, the formatting can change drastically by the time a manager or a Human Relations professional takes a look at it. These changes will almost certainly be for the worst. It is best to keep these types of unnecessary additions out of your resumes completely to optimize your best possible one. Also, your resume should be written as a standard MS word file, as opposed to a PDF file. Most search systems are designed around MS word files which cause other file types to be unreadable and unable to be opened by mangers and other professionals.

Another tip is to repeat keywords. Frequency of words helps the ranking of your resume along with where you place these words. If relevant keywords aren’t frequently being used throughout your resume, this limits your chances of your resume being placed at the top of the hiring manager’s list.  It is important to repeat keywords, within reason. If keywords are being used too much, this is often referred to as “keyword stuffing.” This will lower your ranking in the manager or Human Relations professional’s search.

It is also important to update your resume weekly. The date that you place your resume on online databases will affect your ranking as well. Often times, newly added resumes will be searched more often than older ones. It is crucial to update and resubmit your resume weekly so it always remains at the top of the search list.

A final tip is finding the balance. You want your resume to be as readily searchable and accessible as possible. Once your resume reaches the top of the search list, it is crucial that it still looks good to the hiring manager. You have to find the balance between producing a document that has been optimized to work well in a machine search and writing a resume that shows a manager your potential for success!

Visit our Career Services Department for more assistance with resume building and job placement today!

Some Tips to Help Keep Those Unwanted Pounds Off

March 30, 2012
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*** Press Release ***
It is said that many college students in their freshman year gain the “freshmen 15.” Weight gain in college freshman results from several changes in lifestyle and eating habits that individuals may pick up during the first year of college. Some habits include eating “around the clock” at inconsistent times vs. designated mealtimes, unhealthy food choices, drinking alcohol.  For some Freshman students other factors may contribute to the weight gain like emotional eating or a lack of exercise.
When some students are stressed, they tend to overeat or “binge” eat because of their busy, hectic or late night schedules. They don’t take the time to plan regular meal times, which may lead to an unhealthy eating pattern.
To help YOU keep those unwanted pounds off not only during your freshman year but for your entire college career and beyond, here are some tips that can help you keep those unwanted pounds off!
  • Eat regular/scheduled meals. Eating a small meal every 3 to 5 hours, helps to boost your metabolism, plus prevent you from being hungry and grabbing a less healthy snack!
  • Breakfast should be eaten within an hour of waking up. Breakfast can include a bagel or piece of fruit you picked up from the cafeteria the night before or a cereal bar. Extra Tip: To save time, eat your breakfast while walking to class!
  • If you tend to overeat at night, don’t snack throughout the day!
  • Make healthy meal choices. Eat your entire meal thru and give yourself some time to feel full before accepting dessert. With each meal you eat, especially lunch and dinner, be sure to include a serving of fruits or vegetables. Try and choose the healthiest meal options available. Extra Tip: Request to have your dressing, gravy’s or sauces on the side to keep your calorie intake down. Stay away from thick creamy soups or sauces and casserole dishes. Limit the amount of fried foods you’re eating and ask if there are steamed vegetables or baked chicken available!
It is important to have a BALANCEDdiet, with Protein beings one of the most important parts of your diet. Be sure to eat foods high in protein such as: lean meat, fish, poultry, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, tuna, peanut butter, beans, yogurt, milk, low-fat cheese, tofu and humus.
If you have an urge to snack- choose healthy snacks! Say “no” to vending machine junk food such as candy, chips, regular soda, sweetened tea, and fruit drinks. Have low-calorie snacks available for yourself when you get an urge such as light microwaved popcorn, vegetables or 1 cup of unsweetened cereal.
It is important to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Sign up for an exercise class each semester and make the most of the fitness facility on your campus. Try to take a brisk walk every day in between your classes! Also, instead of taking public transportation to class or driving your car, walk or ride a bike to class instead! 

How to Find Mid-Semester Motivation!

March 26, 2012
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*** Press Release ***
As the end of the spring semester is approaching, many college and graduate school students are finding it hard to stay motivated and keep up the energy levels they had at the beginning of the semester. Throughout the semester, students find themselves consumed in extracurricular activities, work, studying, projects and internships. Considering there are only “so many hours in a day”, this is a normal time for students to find their motivation and energy levels on a steady decrease.
Courtesy of a graduate student at the College of Saint Rose, here are some tips to find that mid-semester boost of motivation you’ve be looking for.
The first tip is, Keep Your End Goal In Sight. When you find yourself losing your motivation, remind yourself how close you are to the end and achieving your goal. Whether your goal is just reaching the end of the semester, finishing a term paper or project- don’t lose sight of your goal!
The second tip is, Look for Inspiration. Sometimes hearing news stories or listening to someone else’s experiences can provide some inspiration. Try listening in about a friend’s promotion or listening to a news story about charity reaching its fundraising goal. These stories can help lift your spirits and inspire you to keep up your motivation.
Thirdly, Celebrate the Small Accomplishments. I can assume that many students are weighed down this the semester with projects, research papers, and tests. Keep up your motivation by celebrating your small accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back if you finished the first half of your project. Buy yourself a coffee from Starbucks after you passed your next test. If you don’t take a step back to acknowledge your small accomplishments, you may lose sight of the end goal.
And finally, Lots of Coffee! Just kidding. Well, not really. What I mean by this is that you should do whatever keeps you running and focused. For some, it’s coffee. For others, it’s exercise or meditation. You know yourself best, so you know what keeps you motivated and ready to go!
What keeps you motivated mid-semester? Share your tips with us on the Plaza College Facebook Wall, linked HERE.

Spring Cleaning with Martha Stewart!

March 23, 2012
 Plaza College
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*** Press Release ***
With the warm spring weather coming a little early this year,  what better way to celebrate the sunshine then by starting your spring cleaning? With a couple of quick and easy tips from Martha Stewart, your spring cleaning will be done in no time!

Martha’s first tip is for polishing up those window panes. Cleaning the window panes will be no problem when you use rubber-edged squeegees, which are quicker and more effective than cloth or newspaper. They come in a variety of sizes and a screw on extension that will let you reach high spots! To start, dip a sponge into a bucket of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Wet window; rub dirt away. Dampen squeegee; starting at an upper corner, draw it down pane from top to bottom. Repeat, overlapping strokes and wiping rubber edge with sponge after each stroke. To finish, dry windowsills with a cloth!

Clean WindowsA second spring cleaning tip is one for dusting lightbulbs. Although it may seem that your light bulbs are never actually clean, this tip should be sure to solve that dust problem! Unscrew lightbulbs and polish the bulbs with a microfiber cloth dampened with water (avoid wetting the metal screw base). Clean the bulbs in recessed ceiling fixtures with a telescoping lamb’s wool duster.
Blinds often tend to be one of the steps in spring cleaning we all like to skip over! But with these easy tips from Martha Stewart, washing the blinds in your home will never have seemed so easy! Once or twice a year, wipe wooden blinds with a few drops of gentle wood cleaner on a nearly dry sponge. Aluminum blinds can be washed outdoors: Place them on an old sheet on a slanted surface, and scrub with water and a noncorrosive cleaner. Use a hose to rinse well, and then dry the blinds thoroughly with a towel to prevent rust.

Are you tired of staring at the same duvet cover or bedspread every single night? Here are a couple of quick, cheap and easy tips to spruce up your bedroom this spring! Updating your bed linens is an easy and quick way to make your bedroom look fresh and new for the spring. Replace your bedding for a quick makeover. For an easy custom duvet cover, use two flat sheets. Place sheets back to back, and sew around the perimeter, allowing for a 1/2-inch seam; leave an opening at the bottom. To close, sew twill-tape ties or velcro tape to the inside edges.

Cleaning out the refrigerator is definitely one of those spring cleaning tasks that is usually pushed to the bottom of the list. These tips will have your refrigerator clean in no time and sparkly clean all throughout the spring! This task is a daunting undertaking; make it more manageable by breaking it down. The first step is to wipe up spills immediately so surfaces won’t become stained. Make it a habit to throw out old food once a week. Every few months, wash the interior with a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda for every quart of warm water. Wash removable shelves and drawers in the solution (let glass shelves come to room temperature first so warm water won’t crack them). Loosen hardened spills on fixed parts by wetting the area with the solution, allowing the residue to soften. Use a toothbrush to scrub crannies. Twice a year, vacuum or brush dust from the condenser coils to keep the system from overheating.
Are you doing any Spring Cleaning this weekend? Tell us on the Plaza College Facebook Wall, linked HERE! Take some pictures of the finished product and share them with us as well! 

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