Congratulations Winter 2018 President’s List Honorees!

June 29, 2018


For the Winter 2018 semester, students were awarded academic honors in four categories. This week we recognize 52 students who earned a place on the President’s List. “I want to tell everyone because I’m very proud of my accomplishment,” says Kimberly Alsuran.

“I feel great,” adds Kiamani Fulton. “I can’t wait to tell my family about the great news. Thank you so much!”

To be honored in this category, students must earn a semester GPA between 3.65 and 3.79, carry at least 12 credit hours, and earn no grade below a B.

Lauren Ramirez thanked her professors: “I’ve had amazing instructors like Professor March, Ms. Rullo and Professor Krampf who encouraged me to set my goals high and accomplish them. With their encouragement and positive feedback, I managed to remain persistent with my education.”

Congratulations to all!

  • Akhter, Mahmuda
  • Albino, Beatriz
  • Alsuran, Kimberly
  • Artis, Krystal
  • Badson, Winsome
  • Bernadotte, Rommelyne
  • Blanco, Evelyn
  • Burgos, Cynthia
  • Carchi, Isabel
  • Chen, Meng Xian
  • Coleman, Bibi
  • Corona, Wendy
  • Correa, Carwin
  • Diaz, Jessica
  • Dolkar, Yangchen
  • Fulton, Kiamani
  • Gerardo, Mercedes
  • Giardina, Nicole
  • Giral, Karen
  • Guanuchi, Inari
  • Heath, Cheryl
  • Hernandez, Dianah
  • Huestipac, Veronica
  • Hunt, Natalya
  • Jimenez Velez, Iselsa
  • Jonke, Gabrielle
  • Karonboch, Nesrine
  • Khan, Mustab
  • Lobo, Jeniffer
  • Lubiano-Medina, Karla
  • Nissanian, Elisheva
  • O’Donnell, Christina
  • Ortiz Andujar, Sixmelly
  • Pan, Qian
  • Peterson, Shaniquah
  • Phillips, Kasey
  • Polizzi, Katherine
  • Ramirez, Gisselle
  • Ramirez, Jessica
  • Ramirez, Lauren
  • Rampersaud, Radhika
  • Rashid, Farin
  • Roman, Catherine
  • Schirmer, Alexandra
  • Smith, Dominique
  • Srilapa, Jennisa
  • Trumpet, Tandrea
  • Urgo, Brett
  • Valentin, Christina
  • Vitagliano, Maria
  • Wheeler, Latoya
  • Williams, Latisha


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