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Plaza College Current Students

Honor Societies

Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Sigma Tau chapter - Sigma Tau Delta is the international English Honor Society, and membership is open to students who are pursuing their Bachelor’s degree. To be eligible for induction into this organization, students have to have reached a certain level of academic achievement in both English courses and in their overall academic work. At Plaza, we have set the following criteria: (1) Student must have taken LL290 (Literary Analysis) and have made a minimum of a ‘B’ in the course; (2) Students must have an over GPA of 3.3; (3) Students must score at least a ‘B’ on an on-site writing exam.  If a student is inducted into the society, it is very prestigious. They can attend national conferences and submit for national writing contests. If they win, they could win thousands of dollars in prizes and/or be published in Sigma Tau Delta’s journal of creative and critical writing.

Sigma Kappa Delta, Chi Delta chapter - This organization is a nationally recognized Honor Society for achievement in English.  There are chapters of this society on campuses all across the country.  The aim of Sigma Kappa Delta is to recognize those students who have achieved a certain level in college English and to promote literacy in both the school and community.  In order to qualify for membership into Sigma Kappa Delta, a student must hold a minimum GPA of 3.3, have completed 24 college credits, and have earned a B or higher in LL254 (Composition and Research) with no instances of violation of the “Student Code of Conduct.”  The organization sponsors activities such as the annual poetry slam, tutoring in the Learning Resources Center, a community book drive, and writing articles for Plaza College’s new online magazine, Seasons.

Alpha Sigma Lambda, Pi Chi chapter - With chapters at over 250 colleges and universities throughout the United States, Alpha Sigma Lambda was established in 1946 to honor superior scholarship and leadership in adult students.  The criteria for acceptance to the society require the candidate to have: (1) a minimum of a 3.2 grade point average; (2) successful completion of 36 semester credits; (3) successful completion of 24 liberal arts credits; (4) no instances of violation of the “Student Code of Conduct.”