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Meet a Student Ambassador!

May 8, 2019


Student Ambassador: Alexander Callis

Introduction by Ms.Cohn, Associate Director of Student Activities:

Mr. Alexander Callis entered Plaza College in the Winter Semester of 2019 and is currently pursuing his Associate’s Degree in Healthcare Management. He desires to eventually go on for his Bachelor’s in Healthcare Information Technology. During this short time, Alex has become a well known friendly face circulating in the Commons, introducing himself to students and faculty alike. As the semester moved forward, Alex and other students formed a peer group whose main focus is academics (homework, studying for exams, etc), peer to peer support, and volunteerism (Student Life events). Learn more about what motivates Alex to be a Plaza College Ambassador!

Q: What inspired you to “come back to school?”

A: To better my life by achieving a better career and comfortable retirement.

Q: What was your motivation to choose the course of study for your Associate’s Degree in Healthcare Management?

A: I like working with people. I also like being a position to help medical and insurance companies coordinate their back end infrastructure more effectively for the patient’s care.

Q: Talk to me about your current career. What are your main responsibilities?

A: I work with parole officers to provide resources to their given parolees dealing with HIV, drugs, alcohol and hepatitis C. The focus is also on harm reduction. The ultimate goal is the help them lead healthy lifestyles and be productive citizens in society and the workforce.

Q: What have you learned about people from working with this population?

A: You can’t be judgmental, everyone has their own story. We are here to be an ear and be a source of support for the decisions they make. We all make wrong decisions but it’s about how you correct them to go on with your life.

Q: What draws you into being an ambassador and volunteering for so many events and initiatives at Plaza College?

A: Fun! I like seeing my peers happy with a smile on their face. I want them to know that somebody cares.

Q: What do you hope to contribute to the student body this semester?

A: I hope I can encourage students to enjoy the education they are getting, their peers and instructors. I hope they can approach the semester with an open mind. The goal is to gain more knowledge of their studies to apply towards to a successful career.

Q: How can students connect with you?

A:Just come by and say hi! Be yourself and get involved with Student Life activities!

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