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Meet Plaza’s Student of the Month!

April 25, 2019

Ms. Elvira Zaykova was inspired by her mother who is a dental assistant to pursue her Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene. She will be graduating in December of this year. Starting back in high school, she was required to volunteer at Coney Island Hospital and by her mother’s recommendation, she urged her to request the dental department. It was through this experience that she realized her love of dentistry. She enjoyed working with the children and seniors who came into the department, recognizing the importance of educating both populations on the correct methods of caring for their oral health. At the same time it made her sad to see those who were struggling with their dental care as this further inspired her to study dental hygiene in order to make a difference in the lives of patients. Her dream job is to travel abroad with organizations like Operation Smile, to countries where children and adults are in need of extreme dental care. In August 2019 she plans to go to either Africa, Mexico or Peru, with a program for dental hygienists to work alongside dentists for ten days in high need areas.

Ms. Zaykova expresses high appreciation for the Dental Faculty, saying “they are phenomenal, everybody gets stressed but the faculty knows how to guide you when you need their support, especially in clinic, the professors are there for you-they want to make sure you get that A!” she says.

In turn, Director Fordunski of the Faculty Resource Center says Ms. Zaykova, “has all the elements of professionalism; a positive attitude, respect, accountability, and positive communication just to name a few. She never missed one class and worked very hard to earn an A in LM63. She would help her fellow classmates as well. She is so excited to be part of our Dental Hygiene program. She always comes to campus with a smile on her face and ready to learn.”

Professor Garland of the Dental Hygiene faculty says, “since her first day as a student, Elvira Zaykova has been a cheerful presence at Plaza College. She is studious, kind and cordial. She enjoys being a member of the dental hygiene program, and her classmates along with her professors enjoy working with her. I heartily congratulate Elvira on being selected as student of the month.”

For students who are having a difficult time in their coursework she recommends to make a habit of reviewing what was discussed in class before going to bed and if possible, read for the class you have that next morning so that the information will stick! Ms. Zaykova’s daily healthy habit consists of drinking a lot of black tea and water.To decompress from long days in the class and the clinic, she enjoys watching something funny on YouTube or TV. Her favorite show is Party of Five.

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