Student Reviews: Come From Away

January 26, 2018

Last semester, Professor Butchy’s drama class attended the new hit Broadway musical Come From Away. Read student reviews below! 

Quianeisha Fraser: Irene Sankoff and David Hein impressed me because they wrote the play. They actually went to Gander and interviewed the people, got to hear the stories, and brought that day to life. The music and the comedy behind it showed how the week in Gander really was filled with panics, new friendships, and how others who lost someone dealt with it all.

Rocco Catalanotti: An actor that impressed me in the play Come from Away is Chad Kimball, who played a few roles. I was impressed by his work as he transitioned into all his different characters in one live performance. It amazed me how he was able to play all the different characters, and he nailed all the different scenes. It was also very impressive how quickly he changed between outfits. Chad Kimball did such an incredible job in his performance that you never would have thought that it was him playing all those different characters because he made everyone believe that they were different people.

Latisha Williams: Joel Hatch’s performance as the mayor was outstanding. His voice was amazing, and his singing and dancing were remarkable to watch. He was one of the main characters in the play and had to multitask through different scenes changing his clothes for different characters.

Cristina Cuadra: An actor that most impressed me was Astrid Van Wieren. I felt as if her work was impressive because her character part was amazing. It seemed like her natural personality. I was impressed with how fast she was able to switch over to another role. Her enthusiasm was memorable. My favorite part was when she was playing both the karaoke singer and the ensemble at the bar. Her switch over was flawless.

Guisell Alonso: Christopher Ashley, the director of Come from Away, is the one who most impressed me. The musical was well done and the way that everything went together was impressive. The way that Come from Away was put together surprised me. I also enjoyed that the musical had comedy in it too and wasn’t just serious.

Mercedes Boyd: The lighting designer impressed me the most. You can see if the mood would change by the lighting. For example, when the woman got the news about her son passing away, the lights dimmed. You felt like you were sympathizing with her. Another example was when everyone was at the bar partying, drinking, and dancing the lights became bright. I felt like getting on stage partying with them.

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