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June 2, 2020


Dear Plaza College Community:

On the heels of rebuilding after an unprecedented pandemic, our nation has been thrust into yet another trying time in history.  The events unfolding across the country, sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd, have made the anger, sadness, and despair of its citizens palpable.  Our hearts ache for Mr. Floyd, his family, and everyone affected by the persistence of fundamental inequality in our society.

We have gone from staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to now observing legal curfews in order to protect citizens from violence.  In the face of this grave injustice, set against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and general fear for the future, we must remain committed to our core values as a society.  Access to an education that promotes tolerance and understanding is critical when addressing these issues, for it is only through open-mindedness that we, as a society, can achieve what we set out to accomplish.

This institution was founded in Queens in 1916, and we’ve called this community home since that day.  This Borough is unique – it’s the most diverse county in the entire world.  And, as a member of this community, Plaza College has always prided itself on its diversity and commitment to equality and inclusivity.  For all 104 years of our existence, we have remained true to our mission – to educate our students and provide them with the tools they need to improve their lives for the better.

During these trying times, I call upon us all to stay united as a community.  As an educational institution, we must stand united in our collective pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.  We’re proud of you, students.   You are the leaders of tomorrow, and we know that through the most professional, responsible, and appropriate channels, you’ll be successful in effectuating the change our society so desperately needs.

Regrettably, we cannot alter the past.  However, we can learn from it and use that knowledge to make meaningful improvements for the future.  As we navigate these trying times, I strongly encourage that you engage with others in a socially distant manner.  Should you need our assistance, please let your professors know.  We are here for you.


President Callahan

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