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Executive Administration

Mary FaughnanChair of the Board
Cindy Lasak–Geller, C.P.A.Vice-Chair of the Board
Leo Fakler, R.A., A.I.A. Trustee
Marilyn McAndrews Trustee
Al Pennisi, Esq.Trustee
Helen Sears Trustee
George Thompson Trustee
Charles E. Callahan III, M.B.A.President
Charles E. Callahan IV, C.P.A.Chief Operating Officer
Marie Dolla, M.S.Dean of Academic Affairs
Marianne C. Zipf, M.B.A.Dean of Curriculum Development
Darryl Anderson, M.D.Medical Program Director
Laura Butchy, M.F.A.Associate Dean of English and Humanities
Caroline Callahan, L.M.S.W.Director of Recruitment
Correne Cavalieri, M.S.Dean of Human Resources
Peggy Chung, B.S.Director of Financial Aid
Risa Cohn, M.A.Associate Director of Student Activities
David Colucci, M.S.Chief Technology Officer
Edward Dee, Ph.D.Dean of Institutional Research
Clara Erman, R.H.I.A.Health Information Technology Program Director
Marisa Fordunski, M.B.A.Director of the Faculty Resources Center
Kalliopi Koutsoutis, M.S.Director of Strategic Planning
Allison Krampf, M.A.Director of the Academic Resources Center
Jackie Lazarus, J.D.Paralegal Program Director
Vanessa Lopez, M.S.EdDirector of Recruitment
Laura March, M.S.Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs
Candace Nixon, B.B.A.Director of Student Advisement
Regina Pokidaylo, B.A.Director of Career Services
Karen Santucci, B.B.A.Court Reporting Program Director
Laura Sleeper, RDH, D.H.Sc.Dental Hygiene Program Director
Brittany Travis, M.S.EdDirector of Communications
Dawn Vetrano, M.S.Dean of Students
Charles E. Callahan, Sr.President (1916-1953)
Anna S. CallahanDirector (1916-1997)
Elizabeth K. CallahanVice President (1953-2016)
Charles E. Callahan, Jr.President (1944-2016)