Balancing School and Work as an Adult

April 19, 2011
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PhotobucketThere are several things involved in balancing school and work as an adult. Perhaps the most important part is to make sure that everyone that is affected by your schedule is all on the same page. It’s important to make sure they are involved and have an opinion. 
In order to succeed in this area of your life you need to have all other priorities in order such as family and work.
  • Let your boss know. This point is important because you want everyone involved who is affected by your schedule to be understanding.  
  • Let your kids know. Delegate responsibilities when you are at school/work. You can make this into something to look forward to, for example take turns/rotate days on who’s making or picking up dinner. If your kids are too young to cook, let them have an opinion on what to cook/pickup. On days your extra busy with a lot of classes and work, take out may be the best option.

  • Let your significant other know. With the above tip on setting aside certain days to help out with cooking dinner and cleaning the house, you should always set some time aside for each other even if that means watching your favorite show together.
Everyone needs to do their part and help out. When everyone is on the same page and has a plan to work around, this will limit stress dramatically.

Make sure any feelings and concerns are brought up and handled as they come. It is also necessary to continually reassure the important people in your life but more importantly to reassure yourself. Know that though times may be stressful, the ends do in fact justify the means… so RELAX!

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