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Becoming a Captioner

April 17, 2019

Plaza’s Court Reporting program allows students to study at the Associate degree level, with the goal of becoming skillful stenographers ready for the legal world. Students of this program will hone their typing skills to 225 words per minute in our stenotype courses, and study legal terminology and court procedures to prepare them for a versatile career.

Ms. Nicole Kochy, who has over two decades of experience in the Court Reporting Field, visited Plaza College to help prospective students explore the various careers one can pursue with this degree. Ms. Kochy presented a closed captioning demonstration, spoke about the daily activities of a captioner, as well as a Q&A session.

About Ms. Kochy: “Nicole was a freelance court reporter for more than 10 years when she started CART captioning in 2005. She became a broadcast captioner in 2012, first as an employee of a large captioning company and then soon after transitioned to be an independent contractor. Nicole does both broadcast captioning and CART captioning. Her experience includes providing captions, both remotely and on-site, for live newscasts, live events, webinars, meetings and classes. Nicole lives in New Jersey with her husband, Craig and 12-year-old son, Tyler.”


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