Pix11 News Visits Plaza College Community Dental Clinic for Give Kids a Smile!

February 21, 2020

Medical Assisting Alumni Profile

February 19, 2020

Desiree L. is driven and determined! After graduating from the Medical Assisting program in June 2019, Desiree is working as the Head Medical Assistant in a Pediatrics Office on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. To continue her education, she is studying Pre-Med with plans to go to Medical School and fulfill her goal of becoming a Trauma Surgeon!

“Having my degree in Medical Assisting has allowed me to be a step ahead of other students. I’ve been able to gain experience in the field and also draw blood, which other students have not had the opportunity to do. I am thankful for my time at Plaza, because of the close-knit relationships I have developed. My professors still check in with me to see how I am progressing!”

Plaza College Court Reporters featured on ABC7NY and NY1!

February 14, 2020


Thank you ABC7NY  & NY1 for covering the NCRA Speed Contest!

“Scores of college students studying to become stenographers competed in a nationwide fast-fingers contest in Queens on Thursday.⁣⁣
With the rise of technology these days, some might call stenography a dying art, but stenographers say that’s just not true. “It’s a well-kept secret of a profession most people don’t know about,” said Plaza College Court Stenography Program Director Karen Santucci.⁣⁣
More than 100 students studying at Plaza College to become broadcast captioners and court reporters participated in the contest.”⁣⁣

Read more here: https://abc7ny.com/5929328/

Give Kids a Smile!

February 12, 2020

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and the Plaza College Community Dental Clinic is celebrating Give Kids a Smile Week by offering free dental visits to children under the age of 17! ⁣

To make this a successful week, we are calling on help from the Plaza Community! If you have children, friends, relatives, siblings, and/or neighbors who qualify, please set an appointment ASAP, as availability is becoming limited. ⁣Call (718) 779-1432 to schedule!

Medical Assisting Candle Lighting Ceremony!

February 5, 2020

Congratulations to Plaza’s medical assisting students that attended the 2020 Medical Assistant Candle Lighting Ceremony. This ceremony symbolizes the benchmarks they have achieved in their education towards becoming a Medical Assistant! This is the beginning of each student’s clinical training, as well as their acceptance into the American Association of Medical Assistants. You can find more pictures from the event here!



Open Lab Hours!

February 3, 2020


Plaza College
Fall 2019
Day Time Location
Monday & Wednesday
10:00 – 11:35a Room 201
11:40 – 1:10p ARC
1:15 – 2:45p ARC
2:50 – 4:20p Room 202
5:00 – 6:00p ARC
Tuesday & Thursday
10:05 – 11:35a ARC
11:40 -12:40p (College Hour) Room 202
12:40 – 2:10p Room 209
2:15 – 3:45p Room 202
5:00 – 6:00p Room 211
Saturday 12:00 -1:00p Room 201 Prof. Sue Mookram





Dental Hygiene Named the Number One Healthcare Support Profession

February 1, 2020

Dental hygiene was named the number one healthcare support profession and the twenty-fourth best profession overall! Plaza’s very own Dr. Laura Sleeper, Director of the Dental Hygiene Program, recently spoke with DentistryToday regarding all of the aspects of working in the dental hygiene field!

“Many dental hygienists feel that the career is emotionally rewarding, as it gives them an opportunity to provide care to people who need it the most.

“Ask the dental hygienist who found an oral cancer lesion early or noticed that her patient wasn’t healing after initial nonsurgical therapy, and, with her dentist, referred to a medical doctor for blood testing and discovered that the patient had diabetes or leukemia, and intervention occurred,” said Sleeper.

“The dental hygienist can change lives, and patients become family. There is no price tag that can be associated with the effect that the dental hygienist can have on a patient’s life on a daily basis,” Sleeper said.”

Read more by clicking the article here!

“I almost gave up on a dream I have had my entire life, but Plaza gave me an opportunity I could not find elsewhere.”

January 29, 2020

Brittany O., the 2019 student graduation speaker, shares how her experience at Plaza was above and beyond those she had at other colleges. We’re proud to say that Brittany (not number XXX!) found a sense of individuality throughout her successful journey through the Dental Hygiene program!

Dr. Anderson Speaks About the Differences Between the Common Cold and Getting the Flu

January 27, 2020

Best Life spoke to Plaza’s very own, Dr. Anderson, about the differences between the common cold and getting the flu. Check out the article below!

“Not only do the symptoms of the flu come on quicker, but they also tend to take over your whole body, whereas colds are mainly in your sinuses. “The key difference is that a cold will primarily impact the respiratory system, with sinus congestion and resulting runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing,” says Darryl Anderson, MD, director of the medical program at Plaza College in Forest Hills, New York. “With the flu, aching throughout the body occurs more often, along with chills and fatigue or weakness.”

Check out the rest of the article by here! 

Reserve discount tickets to WICKED or JAGGED LITTLE PILL!

January 22, 2020

The Performing Arts Society and Department of Student Life have access to tickets to see TWO incredible Broadway musicals: WICKED and JAGGED LITTLE PILL!


Would you like to purchase tickets to join us for either or both?

WICKED details:

Tuesday, March 10

7 p.m.

Gershwin Theatre

222 West 51st St., Manhattan

$60 per ticket


Tuesday, March 31

7 p.m.

Broadhurst Theatre

235 West 44th St., Manhattan

$70 per ticket

*Please note: This show includes mature themes and is not recommended for children under 14.

May I bring guests? 

Yes! You may purchase as many tickets as you like.

How do I get tickets?

Visit Student Life as soon as possible to reserve tickets. You will need to submit your cash payment by Monday, February 3.

Help! I have questions…

Visit the Student Life office or speak with Director Cohn or Dean Butchy.

Are these shows good?

They are amazing! Read more here:



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