Money Saving Tips for College Students!

September 23, 2011
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Here are a few money saving tips to help keep money in your wallet! 
Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Lot’s of places offer student discounts when you present your student ID. Restaurants, delis, retail establishments, supermarkets and other businesses around college campuses usually have a 10% off student discount. Ask around and see who is participating and start saving a few dollars here and there!
Bunk Up!
Although having your own space can be really nice, having a roommate or even roommates can make your financial situation more comfortable. Sharing the cost of rent, bills and food can cut your expenses in half, saving you hundreds of dollars a month! Make sure you are familiar with the person you will be living with and set ground rules from day one to ensure everyone’s happiness.
Prepare Your Meals at Home
Typically a college students’ life is “on-the-go”, but this lifestyle can put a hole in your wallet. It’s a lot easier for you to grab food on-the-go then prepare each meal in a kitchen, but this gets costly. Try preparing all your meals on Sunday, or a day you have some extra time, and freezing the portions. This will help save on average $8-$10 a meal – $100 a week if you prepare lunch and dinner at home!
Avoid ATM Fees
That $2 fee adds up quickly! Some ATM’s charge more than that nowadays!  Every time you use an ATM that’s not provided by your bank you are wasting money. Avoid this by keeping cash on you and only taking out money from your bank’s ATM.
Carpooling will take some coordination, but will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Splitting gas money cuts your costs in half for the week. Find someone near you with a similar schedule to carpool with and watch your cash NOT disappear!
Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!
The days of circulars and scissors are slowly fading away! Take advantage of the internet and all the savings it has to offer! With all different coupon websites, you can print them or use offer codes online, dramatically reducing your costs. Become familiar with websites like FatWallet.com and Slickdeals.com to look for discounts before making purchases. 
Avoid Sign-Up Giveaways

Credit Card companies target college students, and know how to get you to sign up. A “free” Yankee’s T-Shirt, or Giant’s Towel is all it takes for you to open up an account with them. This credit card can you put you in debt you can’t afford to be in, and even worse damage your credit score for years. Avoid credit cards and only purchase what you can afford using cash.

Time Management Tips to Keep You Stress-Free!

September 21, 2011
 Plaza College
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Time Management may be the most important skill you learn in college. Without time management skills, you can easily become overwhelmed with balancing your school-work, job, extracurricular activities and other responsibilities. When overwhelmed, many students’ fall behind and end up sacrificing their grades and work ethic.
Managing your time properly from the start of the school semester will ensure you accomplish all of your goals without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

Director of the Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth College, Dr. Carl Thum, suggests creating a detailed schedule for each day with the tasks you need to complete. Prioritize your list with tasks that are more important to finish, place them at the beginning of your day, winding down to more of the less important responsibilities. 

By writing it out in grid form, you can easily view how your time can be used, where you have extra time, and if you’re taking on too much. Dr. Thum recommends writing the grid out in an hour-by-hour format that shows all of your commitments and responsibilities including classes, work hours, extracurricular practices/meetings, homework slots, exercise and meals. By doing this you may realize you need to cut back on some of the extracurricular activities to complete more important priorities such as work and school work. It’s better to figure that out at the beginning of the semester, then fall behind in your classes and possibly lose your job due to lack of time management. 

Stay organized! Stick to the schedule you create and reorganize it on a weekly basis. If you know an exam is coming up, schedule more time for homework and studying and cut back somewhere else. “The challenge for many students is to set the priority and, in some cases, make decisions about what they can’t do, at least for some period of time… You can’t do it all,” says Dr. Thum.

Remember, this schedule is only for a short period of time. You will be able to get back into other activities once classes are over or your work schedule changes. Making sacrifices during the school semester will help maximize your time (and money) spent on school, and keep your grades up. 

Here are a few other tips to help manage stress while adjusting to college life from Dr. Thum:
  • Make time for exercise
  • Keep in touch with friends and family, and communicate regularly
  • Allow time for relaxation – free time to do whatever you wish
  • Learn to say “no” to avoid being overwhelmed with too many responsibilities
  • Keep a daily journal and adjust your grid schedule
  • Get plenty of sleep, avoid junk food and don’t turn to alcohol or smoking to relieve stress

Summer Vacation Experiences for Plaza College Students

September 19, 2011
Plaza College
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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving some interesting and exciting emails about what Plaza College students did over the summer, and if there’s one thing we learned it’s that summer for Plaza students isn’t just about sleeping in late and going to the beach! 

Here are some of the most popular things you and your classmates did over the last couple months:

  • Beat the heat by seeing a new flick at the icy cool movie theater!  From “Bridesmaids” to “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” Plaza students enjoyed movies from all genres this summer. 
  • NYC saw the likes of Rhianna, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, U2, Tom Ze, and many more in concert this summer.  Music is great anytime, anywhere but there’s nothing like a live performance!
  • Camp counselors, lifeguards and interns, OH MY!  Plaza students sure had some exciting summer jobs this year!
  • “I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again….”  While some of you kept close to home, some of you were quite the jet-setters this summer!  From the Hamptons to Florida, and all across the country, you really did visit some great vacation spots.
  • Family reunions and vacations brought together relatives and friends from all over.  Isn’t it great to reunite?
  • Kids and parents alike enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney.  Janet Evanovich fans waited in line for the seventeenth book in her Stephanie Plum series, Smokin’ Seventeen. And “Chick Lit” fans delighted over the new Jennifer Weiner novel, Then Came You.  This summer really was the time to relax with a good book and nice cool glass of lemonade.  
  • A weight has finally been lifted from those of who you tackled those pesky “to-do” lists.  Cleaning, car maintenance and house chores aren’t exactly the most fun things to do, but boy does it feel good when they’re done!

Did you do anything fun and exciting that you can’t wait to share with someone?  Do you have a book or movie review you want to share with your classmates?  Any travel tips or vacation recommendations for next summer? Let us know!  We’re still taking emails and enjoying reading about your summer vacations, so keep ‘em coming to PlazaCollegeBlog@gmail.com.

Plaza College YouTube Channel

September 16, 2011
  Plaza College

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Plaza College has its own YouTube Channel where you can watch testimonial videos from Professors and Students enrolled in different programs.
Known for its small, family friendly environment, students and faculty recognize the unique attention and competitive programs Plaza College offers in the YouTube videos. Subscribe to the channel and view all the informational clips. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below each video!
On the YouTube Channel, there are videos from Asmaa Abbas and Matthew LaSalle, students in the Medical Assisting program; Tiffany Graham and Alexandra Palama, students in the Business Administration program and a video featuring Professor Howle. Check them out!
The Plaza College YouTube Channel will be releasing more content shortly and would like your feedback! Let us know what you think, suggestions on improvements or topics you’d like to see featured and your thought on the current videos posted. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!
For more information on Plaza College, visit PlazaCollege.edu, “Like” the Facebook Page and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Celebrate the Birthday of our United States of America Government on Constitution Day!

September 14, 2011

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Celebrate the Birthday of our United States of America Government on Constitution Day, September 17th.
Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the US Constitution by 39 brave men on September 17, 1787. On this day, delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had created, known as The Constitution.
Those three famous words, which are familiar for all Americans, “We the people,” start the document that declares freedom for our country. The Constitution became known as the framework for the US government and developed the structure of relationships between the federal government with the states, citizens and all the people within the US.
Among the 39 men who were part of the convention were Alexander Hamilton– NY, James Wilson- PA, Jacob Broom- DE, Pierce Butler- SC, John Dickinson- DE, Benjamin Franklin- PA, Rufus King- MA, James Madison- VA, William Paterson- NJ, and George Washington- VA.
Plaza College will observe Constitution Day on Friday, September 16th. Please help us celebrate the birth of our government by joining in on campus activities and festivities. Details can be found on the Plaza College Facebook page.

Remembering 9/11 as Constitution Day Approaches

September 13, 2011

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For so many, September 11th brings back terrible memories of the horrific acts of terrorism when our country was attacked. Families across the country lost loved ones as the twin towers were taken down by hijacked planes, and lives were lost at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania.
NEW YORK, NYThis year marked the 10th anniversary of the day our country’s freedom was tested. As the 2,753 names were read at the memorial service in NYC, tears were shed and hugs were shared. Children too young to remember their lost parent- some never even having the chance to have met them, read the names alongside elderly citizens who lost grandchildren 10 years ago. The dynamic illustrated first hand just how many generations were affected by September 11, 2001. 
As those towers came down, our patriotism rose, and our fight for freedom became just as important as when our founding fathers fought many years ago. President Obama addressed the country with touching words to remember the past but keep hope for the future as we have made it through the most difficult times our country has faced together. 
Barack Obama President Obama encouraged the country as he said, “The decade since the September 11th attacks show that America does not give in to fear, and never succumbed to suspicion and mistrust… These past 10 years tell a story of resilience… It will be said of us that we kept that faith; that we took a painful blow, and emerged stronger.”
And that seemed to be the overall message of this year’s memorial service to September 11th, strength and resilience. 
NEW YORK, NYAs September 11th, now recognized as Patriot Day, reminds us of the men and women who are fighting for our country, of those who have lost their lives and those who continue to support their country by serving in our military services today, Constitution Day will remind us of the brave men who fought for our country’s freedom many years ago. 
On September 16th the USA will observe Constitution Day (officially September 17th) to commemorate the formation and signing of the US Constitution by 39 men on September 17, 1787. As the delegates of the Constitutional Convention proudly signed the constitution 227 years ago, our founding fathers secured freedom for us today. 
Although for so long the NYC skyline looked empty where the original towers stood, 10 years later, One World Trade Center is back in sight. Now 80+ stories high, the new building is quickly rising high into the sky, demonstrating the country rising above the attacks it has endured. When completed, One World Trade Center will be 1,776 feet high.
Patriot and Constitution Day mark two significant days in the history of our country. Although not foreshadowed, both exemplify the United States of America’s strength and unity, then and now. 

September 12, 2011

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*** Press Release ***

Determined never to forget but perhaps ready to move on, the nation gently handed Sept. 11 over to history Sunday and engraved its memory on a new generation. An honorable memorial now stands, where twin towers once stood. The names of the lost echoed from children too young to remember terror from a decade ago.  
In New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, across the United States and the world, people carried out rituals now as familiar as they are heartbreaking: American flags unfolded at the new World Trade Center tower and the Eiffel Tower, and tears shed at the base of the Pentagon and a base in Iraq. 
President Barack Obama quoted the Bible and spoke of finding strength in fear. George W. Bush, still new to the presidency that day, appealed the national sacrifice of the Civil War. Vice President Joe Biden said hope must grow from tragedy. 
“In the biggest cities and the smallest towns, in our schools and workplaces, you still see people of every conceivable race, religion and ethnicity, all of them pledging allegiance to one flag, all of them reaching for the same American dream: ‘E pluribus unum’ — ‘Out of many, we are one,” Obama said. 
Plaza College would like to send their deepest sympathies and prayers to the families of the victims that took place on September 11th 2001. They will always be loved and missed and certaintly never forgotten. God Bless America!

Plaza College Honor Society Inductions – October 27th!

September 9, 2011

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Plaza College’s Honor Society inductions will be held on October 27th, 2011. Student’s who are invited into either of the two honor societies will receive invitations in the next couples of weeks.

Alpha Sigma Lambda and Sigma Kappa Delta are the two Honor Societies found on the Plaza College campus. Both are elite groups that honor those students who achieve outstanding academic success.
To become a member of Alpha Sigma Lamda, you must earn a minimum GPA of 3.2 and 12 credit hours in Liberal Arts courses.
To earn a spot in the Sigma Kappa Delta Honor Society, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 and a B or higher in LL254.
More information on the Honor Society inductions ceremony will be released later this month.

Welcome Back to Plaza College! Classes Start Tomorrow, September 8th!

September 7, 2011

# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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 *** Press Release ***

Welcome back! Classes at Plaza College will begin tomorrow, Thursday, September 8th for both day and evening classes. 
Students Talking
If you need to add or exchange classes you can do so starting Monday, September 12th through Friday, September 16th. Please see Student Services for posted hours.
Book distribution for Continuing Students begins Thursday, September 22nd
Dress code reminder: all dress code policies will be strictly enforced for all students beginning Thursday, September 8th!
  • NO blue jeans!
  • NO shorts!
  •  NO hats!
  • All Gentlemen must have collared shirts with ties.
Please remember to “Sign-In” to Student Services if you are late for class AND to bring any and all documentation from absences to the office. 
For more information visit the Plaza College website at www.PlazaCollege.edu

Plaza College Will Be Participating in the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk in October!

September 6, 2011
# 202, 74-09 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
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 *** Press Release ***

Once again, the Plaza College community will be participating in the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, October 16th.

The walk will take place at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park starting at 9:00am. The event is not a race, but a celebration of survivorship and a grand event to raise funds and awareness. The occasion helps express hope and a shared goal to end a disease that threatens the lives of so many people we love.

Please join the Plaza College team, or make a contribution to help raise funds for Breast Cancer. Visit the team website, Plaza College’s Team Page, and click on the “Donate to Our Team” pink link. You can donate any amount you wish to contribute – no minimum, no maximum- and all is appreciated.

If you’d like to join our team, click on the “Join Out Team” pink link. Once directed to the next page you can choose to donate now or later, and create a personal fundraising goal to help the Plaza College Team.

Help raise funds for breast cancer awareness by donating or joining the Plaza College team. This is an amazing event that brings students, faculty, staff and administration together for this most important cause.

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