November 5: This Week at Plaza

November 5, 2018

Monday, November 5: ARC Grammar Workshop, 5-6 p.m., Room 204 

Tuesday, November 6: ARC Grammar Workshop, 11:40-12:35 p.m., Room 204 

Tuesday, November 6: Career Fair Tips Workshop, BBA Lounge, 11:45-12:30 

Thursday, November 8: Career Fair, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Commons – Contact Career Services for details! 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Stay true to yourself, yet always open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you.” – Phillip Sweet

Career Services Job Fair Events Tuesday and Thursday!

November 3, 2018

On Thursday, November 8, Plaza College Career Services will offer a career fair for students of all majors on the Commons from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. In order to prepare, students who are interested should join Career Services on Tuesday during College Hour for a Career Fair workshop!

Tuesday’s workshop from 11:45-12:30 in the BBA lounge  will include tips on how to prepare resumes and information about the dress code for the career fair.

Students who plan to attend the Career Fair on Thursday should check their email and respond to the invitation they received. Please contact Career Services with any questions.

Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Trustees’ List!

October 31, 2018


For the Spring 2018 semester, students were awarded academic honors in four categories. This week we recognize 124 students who earned a place on the Trustees’ List.

To be honored in this category, students must earn a semester GPA between 3.8 and 4.0, carry at least 12 credit hours, and earn no grade below a B.

Congratulations to all!

  • Abreu, Yudelca
  • Akter, Lubna
  • Almanzar, Marcos A
  • Aminova, Juliette
  • Andrushchanka, Darya
  • Arriaga, Marissa
  • Atenco-Mendoza, Leticia
  • Babayev, Jennifer
  • Batista, Cinnamon S
  • Beatong, Luigi A
  • Belaustegui, Jane
  • Bello Fernandez, Gisel G
  • Binyamin, Alexandra
  • Bourekas, Alexandra
  • Buan, Joseph
  • Chavez, Cindy E
  • Chen, Meng Xian
  • Clarke, Marlene T
  • Cole, Alphonso
  • Coleman, Bibi
  • Contreras, Noelia
  • Cruz, Dionisia
  • Cruz, Margaret
  • David Rosado, Darline
  • Davydov, David
  • Deleo, Samantha
  • Denora, Cristina
  • Desuze, Elexis N
  • Dhanoa, Olga
  • Diaz, Jessica
  • Dockery, Karen
  • Doodnauth, Nikita
  • Dorsett, Roxanne
  • Drummond- Austin, Coleen
  • Dukach, Julia
  • Eager, Alisa
  • Espinosa, Brittany A
  • Felipe, Kelvin A
  • Fernandez, Erika
  • Ferrer, Diane
  • Gagliardi-Nocera, Sabina
  • Garcia, Sarah E
  • Giral, Karen
  • Golde, Lauren
  • Gomez, Steve
  • Graham, Novena
  • Grullon, Betty
  • Gurung, Karma
  • Hansen, Tiffany
  • Harris, Makela A
  • Houston, Samantha
  • Ibarrola, Nancy
  • Ifill, Melva T
  • Imani, Michal
  • Johnson-Turner, Selena
  • Khan, Sisha
  • Laboy, Daniel
  • Labriola, Marisa
  • LaMonica, Carolann
  • Lawson, Sabrina
  • Li, Cindy
  • Lilley, Tameeka
  • Lin, Danny
  • Lopez, Amanda
  • Lopez, Haley
  • Luna, Desiree
  • Magee, Belinda
  • Malahi, Yasmin
  • Manay, Veronica
  • Martin, Kamesha C
  • Martinez, Angela
  • Matthews, Kerryann
  • Mcfarlane, Antonette
  • Mellon, Kathleen
  • Meltzer, Scarlet
  • Morales-Burstein, Jessica
  • Morris, Joanna
  • Mungalsingh, Kerry
  • Murillo, Solvy
  • Naranjo, Jhina V
  • Nasim, Hamzah
  • Nicholson, Emily
  • Njoroge, Christina
  • OHara, Katherine
  • Ortiz Andujar, Sixmelly
  • Ortiz, Susana
  • Patterson, Mercedes
  • Peck, Tishma
  • Pena, Argenis
  • Penaranda, Lady
  • Penna, Christina
  • Peralta Sormanti, Romina
  • Percer, Crystal
  • Pinargote, Karla
  • Qureshi, Marryam
  • Rahman, Kamilah
  • Rajnarain, Naseimun
  • Ramirez, Gisselle
  • Ramirez, Jessica
  • Ramos, Jennifer
  • Remache, Edwin
  • Reznik, Yelena
  • Rios, Lillian
  • Robinson, Nicole
  • Rodriguez, Grace
  • Rodriguez, Jennifer
  • Rodriguez, Melissa
  • Rodriguez, Ruth E
  • Salatino, Rachel
  • Sheridan, Valerie
  • Solomon, Gavin R
  • Stanford, Tracie
  • Toribio, Emily
  • Torres, Brianna
  • Valentin, Melissa
  • Vassallo, Taylor
  • Velazquez, Ivelisse
  • Ventura, Anasia
  • Wallerson, Sonia
  • Washington, Shaneequa
  • Wilkins, Naeshaun
  • Williams, Michelle
  • Wilson, Sharon
  • Zaykova, Elvira


October 29: This Week at Plaza

October 29, 2018

Monday, October 29: ARC Grammar Workshop, 5-6 p.m., Room 204

Tuesday, October 30: ARC Grammar Workshop, 11:40-12:35 p.m., Room 204

Tuesday, October 30: PPH 11:40-12:30 in the BBA Lounge – Contact Professor Butchy for details! 

Thursday, November 1: Plaza College Society of Business Professionals Induction Ceremony, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Commons – Business Attire Required; contact Mandeep Kaur at for more information.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Never give up! For that is the time and place where the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Career Services Presents Professionalism Workshop

October 26, 2018

On Tuesday, Plaza College students across all majors joined Career Services and Student Life for a Professional Branding workshop. Students were given advice on how to build and maintain a professional reputation.  Some tips for success included the following:

  • Always dress professionally for an interview in a suit or, when applicable, OSHA-compliant scrubs.
  • Keep your personal social media accounts private and never post negative or confidential information regarding your employer.
  • Remain active on LinkedIn to connect to potential employers and follow your dream companies.
  • Practice professional skills via the Professionalism Scoring Rubric while acquiring the tangible skills needed for your resume.

Career Services and Student Life would like to thank our professional dress models, student workers, and the Plaza College chapter of SHRM. Follow Career Services@plazacollegecareers.

Northwell Health Recruits at Plaza

October 24, 2018


On October 16, human resources executives from Northwell Health visited Plaza College for a closed recruitment event. Select Plaza College alumni and upcoming graduates from the medical assisting, health information technology, and patient information management programs were given a breakfast presentation about Northwell Health.

The presentation highlighted the Long Island Jewish – Forest Hills Northwell location and described available clinical and administrative positions. Plaza College alumni and students also had the opportunity to interview individually for positions that interested them.

Thank you to the human resources department of Northwell Health and to Plaza College COO Charles Callahan for connecting the college with LIJ – Forest Hills Northwell Health. Thank you also to Dean Marie Dolla, Dean Correne Cavalieri, Director Brittany Travis, and the Career Services staff for their preparation of students, graduates, and the campus for this event.

October 22: This Week at Plaza

October 22, 2018

Monday, October 22: ARC Grammar Workshop, 5-6 p.m., Room 204

Tuesday, October 23: Career Services Professionalism Workshop, 11:40-12:30 p.m. in the BBA Center

Tuesday, October 23: ARC Grammar Workshop, 11:40-12:35 p.m., Room 204

Wednesday, October 24: Honor Society Inductions (See Student Life for details); Only extended day court reporting classes meet 

Friday, October 26: Honor Society Inductions (See Student Life for details) 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “There is no failure except in no longer trying.” – Elbert Hubbard

Plaza Celebrates Medical Assisting Week

October 20, 2018

Plaza College proudly celebrated National Medical Assistants Recognition Week October 15-19. A medical assistant is a multi-skilled professional who combines clinical and administrative responsibilities to assist in all aspects of medical practice in a physician office, hospital, clinic, government agency, or laboratory.


Students enjoyed terminology bingo and the chance to interact with other Medical Assisting majors.  Prizes were awarded to Medical Assisting students by Dr. Muhammad Husain and Career Services Assistant and RMA Diane Ferrer. Best of luck to all our medical assisting students as they embark on an exciting career!

Students Get LinkedIn Headshots

October 17, 2018


On October 11, Plaza College’s LinkedIn Photo Session was back by popular demand! Dozens of sharply dressed students from all majors lined up to have their professional photos taken. Participants were also given a step-by-step guide to starting or improving their LinkedIn profiles and had the chance to speak with members of Career Services for advice.

Career Services and Student Life would like to extend a special thank you to Joe Giansante and the entire IT staff; student workers Shaunece Solomon and Roberto Rivera; and Delilah Nieves and Thariq Thasthahir from the Plaza College chapter of SHRM.

October 15: This Week at Plaza

October 15, 2018

Monday, October 15: ARC Grammar Workshop, 5-6 p.m., Room 204 

Tuesday, October 16: ARC Grammar Workshop, 11:40-12:35 p.m., Room 204 

Wednesday, October 17: Medical Assisting Awareness Week Celebration, extended day 

Thursday, October 18: Medical Assisting Awareness Week Celebration, day 

Friday, October 19: Artists Café 5-7 p.m. on the Commons – Join us for performances and readings by Plaza students and alumni! Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Friday, October 19 – Saturday, October 20: New York College English Association State Conference – Contact 2018 Conference Chair Laura Butchy for more information. 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Go out into the world with your passion and love for what you do, and just never give up.” – Dianne Reeves

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