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Business Student Profile

March 13, 2020
Aisha B. is in the process of completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management this Winter Semester. Her inspiration to study business started during her high-school years and continued through her time working in the corporate field at H&R Block, citing that she wanted to “become more proficient and pursue a business degree” in this arena.⁣
Aisha expressed that her biggest source of support in her academics has been the professors. “Being a single parent and coming back to school after a good amount of time was definitely a challenge and the professors have been willing and easy to communicate with. If I’m having a difficult situation, need some flexibility or need clarification, they’ve been easy to reach out to with no hesitation.” Professor Eckhardt says “I have had Aisha Bennerson as a student both at the Associate’s and Bachelor’s levels in the business degree program. Aisha always came to class prepared and met assigned deadlines. Her bubbly personality was infectious and made the classroom a happy place to be.”⁣
Aisha’s dream job would be to work for a company that truly values their employees and would allow her to expand her professional knowledge such as an organization like Google, expressing that she’s done the research and it fits her desired criteria! She is also a big proponent of progressive work cultures since she enjoys “out of the box” thinking.⁣

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