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IT Support

Contact us by phone at 718-779-1457.

All campus servers and networks are maintained by the Information Technology Department, making it possible for Plaza College users to connect to and make use of the most cutting edge technology.

Students using the Plaza College network and computer labs must follow the IT guidelines, which are outlined in the Plaza College Student Handbook.


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IT Help Desk

Plaza’s technical staff is here to assist with any equipment hardware issues between the hours of 8:30am-9:00pm. The Technical Staff will try to assist with software questions that relate to your courses, but please direct all software related questions to your professor, instructor, or teaching assistant first.

For assistance with software and web access, please visit http://oncampus.plazacollege.edu. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please use our online support form, email support@plazacollege.edu, or call 718-779-1457.

Please note that the IT Help Desk is unable to perform maintenance or troubleshooting problems on student-owned computers outside of Internet connectivity. For reasons of liability, it is our policy that privately owned systems should be serviced by the vendors from which they were purchased in order to keep warranties and support agreements in effect.


Connecting to Your Accounts

Your user account manages your access to our information systems – Google Apps & Email, MyPortal, and MyApps – at Plaza.

To access an account, please choose one of the options below:

My PortalMyPortal
MyPortal allows you to:
• View your student account.
• View your midterm and final grades.
• View your financial aid awards.
• View and print your class schedule.
• Ask questions about your account.

Google Apps & EmailGoogle Apps & Email
Google Apps & Email allows you to:
• View your Email.
• View your online Calendar.
• Manage your documents.

MyApps allows you to:
• Log into your classes online.
• View Academic Resources.
• View the Academic Calendar.
• Access MyPortal and Gmail from one location.



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