Court Reporting Professional Visits Plaza

August 21, 2019

Thank you to Denise Huntington, RPR, CRR, CSR for visiting Plaza students & prospective students! Denise held a workshop where she shared insight on her careers path, gave advice to aspiring court reporters, and answered student questions.

More about Denise:

Denise Huntington, RPR, CRR, CSR
Denise began her career in Civil & Family Court where she worked for 10 years before transitioning into the NYS Supreme Court Criminal Division in Manhattan.

In her 22 years with the NYS Supreme Court, Denise has had the opportunity to work on many prestigious high profile trials such as: the Puff Daddy trial, two high profile crane collapses in Manhattan, Etan Patz (the first missing child to be on a milk carton), Roderick Colvin (for which she was featured on NBC’s Dateline).

When she is not in the courtroom, Denise is the Administrator for the Realtime Pilot Program currently being used in the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse. She also serves as the Treasurer of the Union representing the State Supreme Court.

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