Earn a Bachelor’s Degree, Make More Money

August 17, 2011

Earning a four year degree is essential to financial success in life. The value of earning a college degree is quickly growing. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from a school like Plaza College could set you up to earn over $1.37 million dollars more over your lifetime.

According to an article published by US News, “How HigherEducation Affects Lifetime Salary,” those holding a bachelor’s degree earn about $2.27 million over their lifetime, almost double those who only earn a high school diploma. Without the BA, those with only some college earn $1.55 million in their lifetime – $720,000 less than if they had finished their degree. You can do a lot with that amount of money – like buy a boat, luxury vehicles, family vacations, lavish property, and college degrees for your children, etc.

With just a high school diploma, they’re looking at only $1.30 million over their entire lifetime, $1.37 million less than if they went for their degree.  “Those with bachelor’s degrees, no matter the field, earn vastly more than counterparts with some college or a high school diploma,” (US News).

Without a BA, you can’t even think about continuing your education on to a master, doctoral or professional degree. Once you have completed your BA, you can move on and increase your lifetime earnings. “Those with master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees earn $2.67 million, $3.25 million, and $3.65 million, respectively,” (US News).

Take advantage of the bachelor programs Plaza College offers, including degrees in Management and Patient Information Management. Plaza College offers career-focused degrees; day, evening and Saturday courses; a dedicated faculty; academic counseling and guidance and professional career services.

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