Eating Healthy in College IS Possible

August 15, 2011

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The common phrase, “freshman 15” isn’t a joke for most college students. Eating healthy while going to school is a difficult struggle that many face while stressing over exams, assignments, work, etc. Grabbing fast food on your way to class is easier than cooking, but why compromise your health?  You can still find healthy options on the go. It might take some extra effort to figure out where those options are, but that’s better than extra pounds!

In the article “Eating Healthy in College,” the College Advice Blog offers four helpful strategies to stay on a healthy path.
First, “make an effort to find healthy food.” College life can land you anywhere, so it’s important to seek out healthy selections, like fresh salads and grilled wraps, instead of settling for fast food. No, you won’t find the turkey avocado wrap on the dollar menu but the extra dollar or two is well worth it. Don’t have the extra cash? Pack a healthy lunch in the morning and take it with you. Now you’re saving money and making healthy choices. Taking a weekly trip to the grocery store with friends can help you save money and your friends can credit you on keeping their figures.  
Next, “ask around”. Don’t hesitate to ask friends, professors, upperclassman and colleagues for local, healthy recommendations. Read reviews online and check out restaurant menus before you arrive to scope out the healthier picks. Numerous restaurants, deli’s and fast food places have mobile friendly websites or apps with nutritional information right at your fingertips. Take advantage of your resources!
“Watch what you eat at home” is an obvious but vital strategy. Of course it’s easy to pick up the phone to order a pizza, or pop a TV dinner into the microwave. Don’t do it! Opt for vegetables and grilled chicken, or whole wheat pasta with fresh tomato sauce. An easy option, (instead of picking up the phone) is the frozen bag of vegetables you can steam in the microwave in less than 3 minutes. That’s easy and healthy!
Lastly, “snack time.” While running from class to class, or from the library to work, it’s natural to grab a snack to keep you satisfied until your next meal, just grab something healthy! Choose a piece of fruit instead of a bag of chips. Keep granola and fruit bars in your bag for convenience instead of a candy bar. These little switches will keep your scale from inching up.
Eating healthy in college is possible, it’s just a matter of making a conscious effort when choosing what to eat.

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