Graduate Spotlight

July 12, 2019
Just think; this could be you!
Traci B.
Patient Information Management, B.B.A.
Class of 2017
File Administrator
New York Presbyterian
Prior to attending Plaza, Traci was working full time in retail, but wanted something more. She had dreams of becoming a doctor or a nurse. She wanted to make a difference in someone’s day.
As she rode the train, she began noticing signs for Plaza. She decided to do further research online about the Medical Assisting program. While talking to a friend, Tracimentioned she may take a leap of faith and return to school. Surprisingly, her friend had been contemplating the very same thing!
The two decided to visit Plaza together to gather more information. Traci says, “The first day I walked into Plaza, I met with an admissions counselor and went through the registration process the same day. I was sure this was the right step for me. I was right!”
Traci relates to other people’s struggles, and in turn, has a strong desire to help them. She explains, “At some point in your life, you or someone you love will need to be in a hospital. You will want the best care for that loved one. I want to be sure the best care is available.”
During her phlebotomy course, Traci realized the clinical side of the medical field was not for her. Instead, she was more drawn to the administrative side. After graduatingwith her Associate Degree in Medical Assisting, Traci decided to continue her education. In 2017, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Patient Information Management at Plaza.
Preparation from her courses and externship enabled Traci to jump right into her role as File Administrator at New York Presbyterian with ease. She recalls “During my externship at Kingsbrook, I learned, with detail, how to prep charts. When I started my job, I didn’t require any training on how to create and process charts – from start to finish.”
Traci’s educational background prepared her for daily interactions in the workplace.
“Medical Terminology. Billing and Coding. These classes gave me the foundation that my everyday duties are built on. Working in a hospital, even if you’re not drawing blood, you still have to know medical terms to understand the administrative side.”
Traci explains that she relies on skills she learned in school, “I am the liaison between the insurance providers and the coders. In order to perform my daily tasks, I have to be able to flag providers for different proficiencies. I learned this during my Reimbursement Course.”
Traci explains why she remains passionate about working in the medical field, “It is fulfilling to be in a selfless role. I wake up each day excited to bring a smile to someone’s face.”
The administrative side of the medical field requires a balance of skill and personality. Traci emphasizes that, “Anyone who has empathy and integrity is a perfect fit for this field. You have to care about the patients you are working with. At the same time, you are dealing with sensitive information, so you must have integrity.”
There are many career options within the medical field. Traci encourages others to find their path.
“Along the way you will find exactly what role you belong in. I did not end up where I originally thought, but I found my way to exactly where I wanted to be!”

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