How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation? Share Your Experiences with Plaza College!

August 29, 2011

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The end of August usually brings the end of beautiful weather; the end of lazy beach days; the end of extensive vacations; and the beginning of school.

How did you spend your summer vacation? Did you relax on a beach? Or were you too busy traveling the country? Some student’s spent their summer backpacking through Europe while others took a road trip across the US.

Maybe you didn’t have much time to sit back and relax because you were working this summer. What are you saving up for? Instead of getting paid, some students decided to intern at a prestigious organization or volunteer their time for a good cause.

However you spent your summer vacation, Plaza College would like to hear about it!

Please submit a brief description, 2-3 paragraphs maximum, of your summer experiences to Share what you did; what you learned; what you saw, etc. A select few submissions will be featured right here on the Plaza College Blog later this month! 

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