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Meet an Outstanding HIT Graduate!

May 15, 2019

Bibi Seunarine

Major: Health Information Technology 

Graduation: Class of 2015

Interview conducted by Marie Dolla, MS, Dean of Academic Affairs


What led you to choose Plaza College as the college to attend?

I chose to attend Plaza College because they offered the Career Pathways program, where you can earn your HSE, as well as your associates degree. At first, my intentions were to obtain my HSE from Plaza then transfer to a CUNY college. But after my first semester, my decision changed. Plaza College changed my life forever. I didn’t just get an education at Plaza, I met some of the most inspiring people I know there. I received a  tremendous amount of support and help from my instructors when I needed it. Plaza helped to build the woman I am today.

You were one of Plaza’s first graduates to take and pass the RHIT exam. Congratulations! How did Plaza help you prepare for the exam? Were there review sessions and resources available to you through the courses and through the practicum course? Please explain the process as you remember it.

Many Thanks to my Plaza family for my success! Yes, there were resources available to help me prepare for the RHIT exam. I remembered there was an online course which I took, as well as a review session. I really liked both resources because they were very informative, however, I was more grateful for the review session. There were several instructors who went over different course content with us.We got the opportunity to ask questions. I must say, those resources really helped refresh my memory and helped me to pass my exam.

Did you work with Director Erman to help you find a practicum and did you feel prepared for the practicum? Did the practicum experience help with your first job?

Director Erman is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. In fact, she is my role model. Yes, she placed me at North Shore LIJ –Forest Hills hospital. I was a little nervous but I felt very prepared; I had the knowledge and skills required for the job. During my practicum, I took every opportunity that I was given to learn as much as I could. I gained experience in many areas such release of information and analyzing and filing charts. I even had an opportunity to sit with a coder. The experience I gained at my practicum gave me a better understanding of what the Health Information Management field is all about, so when I got my first job, I already knew what to expect.

Did Career Services help you find your first job? Please discuss your preparation and job search.

No, career services didn’t help me find a job. I found a job on my own with the help of one of my instructors, right after graduation. I am sure career services would’ve found me something great if they had had the opportunity.

What is your role at your current job? How did the courses in your associate’s degree assist you make the transition from student to employee at your facility? Do you feel that your major-HIT directly impacted your job duties?

I am a Clinical Data Technician in my current position. I am part of the release of information team. My job is to process all Subpoenas and compiled records for litigation against our facility. The courses I took have had a direct impact on my job duties. Before releasing information, I need to know the rules and laws surrounding it. The Microsoft courses helped me to be able to prepare spreadsheets for different projects that I do. My English courses have enhanced my writing skills when sending or responding to correspondence. It also helped to be able to communicate in a more professional manner. My strategic planning skills came in handy when my boss asked me how I think our work process can be more effective. Every course that I took at Plaza has come in handy
at some point in time.

Are you still at your original employer since graduation? If not, where are you employed now?

No, I am not at my original employer since graduation. I left after a year and went to New York Presbyterian Queens, where I am still employed.

How did having the RHIT credential improve your employment opportunities?

After receiving my RHIT credential, I was nominated by my director and became one of the Respect Ambassadors for the facility.

What stood out to you the most at Plaza? Where can Plaza improve to provide the best experience/education for current and future students?

What stood out to me the most at Plaza was the support and numerous resources to help students apart from the classroom. There is always someone in the learning center (ARC) ready to assist students with their work and provide guidance when needed. Based on my experience, Plaza is doing a great job in preparing students for their professional life. I can’t think of a single thing that they need to improve. Classes are small; instructors are great. I spent two years at Plaza and never had any issue with any of the instructors I had. If you are willing to learn, they
work with you.

Did/do you plan on continuing your education? If you already have, where, what major, and were you able to transfer credits from your associate’s degree? Is the Patient Information Management program at Plaza of interest to you to attain your bachelor’s degree?

Yes, I am continuing. I did return to Plaza for my bachelor’s degree; but with a family and full-time job, it became difficult. I am currently enrolled at CUNY School for Professional Studies. I am enrolled in the Health Information Management program, and I am anticipating graduating in December of 2019. I graduated from Plaza with a total of 65 credits and CUNY SPS took 63 of them.

Do you plan on remaining in the field of health information management? Do you need the services of the Career Services Department to help you find your next job opportunity?

As of now, I plan on staying in the Health Information Management field; but in the future, I plan on going to law school. After working in the Health Information Management and being exposed to patients’ medical records, I have decided that I want to become a malpractice attorney. No, as of now I do not need Career Services to help me find my next job opportunity.

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