Meet Plaza’s Student of the Month!

June 4, 2019

Mr. Daniel Laboy is currently studying to receive his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. When he first entered Plaza College, he started out in the Associate’s program but felt the courses were authentic to the field which motivated him to pursue his bachelor’s degree.

After graduation, Mr. Laboy envisions himself in a role that manages people to become the best employees. Ideally, he would like to work at a financial institution organizing data.

His advice to students who are struggling is take a deep breath and take things step by step. Don’t overwhelm yourself if you feel you don’t understand the information and instead seek your professor’s support. Dean Zipf says, “Daniel is very committed to getting the most out of his education. As Daniel’s academic advisor, I know that Daniel has definitely stepped out of his “comfort zone” to consistently demonstrate outstanding performance even in very challenging courses.”

His time spent at Plaza College have been fantastic, citing that both the professors and his courses are very enjoyable. He prides himself making his assignments first priority because he enjoys the work. “Daniel is an excellent team leader, stays on top of his assignments and always meets deadlines. He is Always willing to help fellow students,” says Professor. Eckhardt. Mr. Laboy balances his home and academic life by planning ahead and making sure to put his school work first. His favorite junk food consists of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, and Starbucks frappuccinos.


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