Money Saving Tips for College Students!

September 23, 2011
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Here are a few money saving tips to help keep money in your wallet! 
Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Lot’s of places offer student discounts when you present your student ID. Restaurants, delis, retail establishments, supermarkets and other businesses around college campuses usually have a 10% off student discount. Ask around and see who is participating and start saving a few dollars here and there!
Bunk Up!
Although having your own space can be really nice, having a roommate or even roommates can make your financial situation more comfortable. Sharing the cost of rent, bills and food can cut your expenses in half, saving you hundreds of dollars a month! Make sure you are familiar with the person you will be living with and set ground rules from day one to ensure everyone’s happiness.
Prepare Your Meals at Home
Typically a college students’ life is “on-the-go”, but this lifestyle can put a hole in your wallet. It’s a lot easier for you to grab food on-the-go then prepare each meal in a kitchen, but this gets costly. Try preparing all your meals on Sunday, or a day you have some extra time, and freezing the portions. This will help save on average $8-$10 a meal – $100 a week if you prepare lunch and dinner at home!
Avoid ATM Fees
That $2 fee adds up quickly! Some ATM’s charge more than that nowadays!  Every time you use an ATM that’s not provided by your bank you are wasting money. Avoid this by keeping cash on you and only taking out money from your bank’s ATM.
Carpooling will take some coordination, but will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Splitting gas money cuts your costs in half for the week. Find someone near you with a similar schedule to carpool with and watch your cash NOT disappear!
Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!
The days of circulars and scissors are slowly fading away! Take advantage of the internet and all the savings it has to offer! With all different coupon websites, you can print them or use offer codes online, dramatically reducing your costs. Become familiar with websites like FatWallet.com and Slickdeals.com to look for discounts before making purchases. 
Avoid Sign-Up Giveaways

Credit Card companies target college students, and know how to get you to sign up. A “free” Yankee’s T-Shirt, or Giant’s Towel is all it takes for you to open up an account with them. This credit card can you put you in debt you can’t afford to be in, and even worse damage your credit score for years. Avoid credit cards and only purchase what you can afford using cash.

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