Remembering 9/11 as Constitution Day Approaches

September 13, 2011

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For so many, September 11th brings back terrible memories of the horrific acts of terrorism when our country was attacked. Families across the country lost loved ones as the twin towers were taken down by hijacked planes, and lives were lost at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania.
NEW YORK, NYThis year marked the 10th anniversary of the day our country’s freedom was tested. As the 2,753 names were read at the memorial service in NYC, tears were shed and hugs were shared. Children too young to remember their lost parent- some never even having the chance to have met them, read the names alongside elderly citizens who lost grandchildren 10 years ago. The dynamic illustrated first hand just how many generations were affected by September 11, 2001. 
As those towers came down, our patriotism rose, and our fight for freedom became just as important as when our founding fathers fought many years ago. President Obama addressed the country with touching words to remember the past but keep hope for the future as we have made it through the most difficult times our country has faced together. 
Barack Obama President Obama encouraged the country as he said, “The decade since the September 11th attacks show that America does not give in to fear, and never succumbed to suspicion and mistrust… These past 10 years tell a story of resilience… It will be said of us that we kept that faith; that we took a painful blow, and emerged stronger.”
And that seemed to be the overall message of this year’s memorial service to September 11th, strength and resilience. 
NEW YORK, NYAs September 11th, now recognized as Patriot Day, reminds us of the men and women who are fighting for our country, of those who have lost their lives and those who continue to support their country by serving in our military services today, Constitution Day will remind us of the brave men who fought for our country’s freedom many years ago. 
On September 16th the USA will observe Constitution Day (officially September 17th) to commemorate the formation and signing of the US Constitution by 39 men on September 17, 1787. As the delegates of the Constitutional Convention proudly signed the constitution 227 years ago, our founding fathers secured freedom for us today. 
Although for so long the NYC skyline looked empty where the original towers stood, 10 years later, One World Trade Center is back in sight. Now 80+ stories high, the new building is quickly rising high into the sky, demonstrating the country rising above the attacks it has endured. When completed, One World Trade Center will be 1,776 feet high.
Patriot and Constitution Day mark two significant days in the history of our country. Although not foreshadowed, both exemplify the United States of America’s strength and unity, then and now. 

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