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Sigma Kappa Delta 2019 International Convention Student Recap

June 10, 2019

Students, Betty Grullon and Sahida Nasim, represented Plaza at the Sigma Tau Delta 2019 International Convention! Below you can read Betty’s takeaways and recaps of the event.


Written by Betty Grullon

Dental Hygiene- Graduation December ’19

The SKD 2019 conference was the first honor society conference I have ever attended. It was such a great experience! I enjoyed all of the panels I attended. Some were informative, others were very funny. My favorite panel was the fictional short story. The stories shared were actually very relatable. One of the stories spoke about the struggles of being a young adult, while another discussed the hardships of being a transgender individual in this society.

I also participated in the SKD Member Roundtable entitled, “Grit Happens: Strategies for Developing Your Potential.” I was extremely nervous to present.  The most difficult part of presenting for me was sharing my personal story with so many strangers. My essay highlighted most of my struggles as I continually tried to reach my most important goals. It detailed most of my high school years, how difficult it was for me to support myself financially at the age of fifteen and the struggles of actually trying to get into dental hygiene school. Through all of my struggles however, I’ve also been triumphant. Although I was very nervous about the content in my essay, it was well received. I also had an amazing team by my side that helped ease my nerves and were very supportive the entire time.

I loved meeting new people from all over the US, and teaming up to participate in the many activities that had been prepared by the SKD national office. I got the opportunity to hear other individual’s heartfelt stories. For example, one of the students in my panel shared her adoption story that was both heart wrenching but also very inspiring. By the end of the conference, I knew I wanted to participate in next year’s conference. I also knew I wanted to make sure I was as active as possible in my school’s chapter, so I went through a nomination and election process to become the chapter’s secretary! Overall I hope to introduce the students at Plaza College to this amazing honors society and encourage them to partake in the conference each year.

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