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Student Review “The Four Faces of Fear”

April 22, 2019

Ms. Sherria Williams, a current student at Plaza College recently attended an offsite seminar at The Assemblage John Street, entitled “The Fours Faces of Fear,” led by Karin Bellantoni, entrepreneur and business coach. Ms. Bellantoni previously facilitated a communication workshop at Plaza College at the end of Winter Semester and will be back again in the Spring. In the post below, Ms. Williams details the lessons learned from participating in “The Four Faces of Fear” and reflects on applying this content to her own behaviors.


The Four Faces of Fear

What I learned and what I loved most by attending Ms. Karin Bellantoni’s, “The Four Faces of Fear,” seminar was that our brain is powerful. Once we learned and have mastered how to stay in control of our minds with emotion involved, it will help us handle and stay in control of events that occur in our everyday lives.

The most important thing that I learned from Ms. Bellantoni was how to not fear being alone. Things that I love to do, I want to share with another person. I had personally asked Ms. Bellantoni, “how can I learn to not fear being alone?” Her amazing advice was to learn to love yourself. Learn to enjoy things and activities that make you happy by yourself. You can find a way to recharge alone. I agree. It is something that I work on every day.

Although I love myself, I could learn to adore myself more and enjoy more quality time with me. I also learned how I respond to fear. I didn’t realize that I am fighter and a fawn.  I do tend to overact in certain situations and then find myself very apologetic. It is my way of being defensive and it’s an element that I have been working on. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes. Thinking like the job I did was perfect, but finding an imperfection, I see I would have a tendency to overreact instead of staying calm and talking it over with closer friends or family.  

Ms. Bellantoni is amazing and her energy will calm a crowd. She is sweet, kind and very wise. I look forward to her next session, as well as hearing and absorbing more ways to become one with the mind and body.

Sherria Williams 

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