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Student Spotlight

May 7, 2020


Betty G. was the winner and panelist in March 2019 at the Sigma Kappa Delta National Honor Society Convention in St.Louis, Missouri. This experience led Betty to run for Secretary of Sigma Kappa Delta, working alongside her fellow peers to put on a variety of events for the Plaza College student body.⁣

Betty has worked in the dental field for over six years, explaining that she has always been interested in dentistry and loves working with people. “My sister was the one who got me involved in dentistry when I was fourteen by making goody bags for patients at a dental practice.” ⁣

Her dream job is to eventually end up in research, particularly for Alzheimer’s after witnessing the deterioration of her boyfriend’s grandmother. This inspired her to focus a dental hygiene research project on the disease entitled, “The Correlation Between Periodontal Disease and Alzheimer’s.”

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