The Apple Takeover!

March 1, 2012
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*** Press Release ***

With Apple’s sleek designs, high quality and service, the company is now worth a little over 500 Billion dollars- making it now one of the five most-valuable companies at any point history (CNN.com)!

Apple’s valuation is now higher than the domestic rate of Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan (CNN.com). Only one month ago, Apple’s market valuation rose to $400 billion for the first time, passing ExxonMobil as the top runner in the stock market (CNN.com).

Apple has a more than a predictable chance of superseding Microsoft, which has reached the highest company value at $600 billion dollars, becoming one of the fastest growing technology companies world-wide (CNN.com).

Despite Apple’s technological prestige, shares come at an impressively reasonable price. The company’s gains in stock have not kept pace with its earnings (CNN.com)

At the tender age of 35, Apple’s earnings have gone up from $10 to half a trillion dollars in ten years (CNN.com)

To learn more about the Apple uprising, check out the article published on CNN.com, linked HERE

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