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March 21, 2020
Hello, students! I hope you are all adjusting well to our new virtual environment. This is an unusual time, but all of the faculty and staff are working to make the rest of the semester a success for you.
To help you, we are happy to announce that all ARC tutoring is now available online! All of the professors and tutors who were in the ARC in person are now online in Google Meets at their regularly scheduled times and available to assist you.
Please follow the instructions below to access the virtual ARC through eCampus.
When you log into eCampus, click the ARC link above your courses.
On the new page, you will see a list of ARC tutors available each day. The tutor’s name includes their hours and the subjects they tutor. Anyone who has hours when you are online is available. Click the name of the tutor you wish to meet with.
When you click on the name of the tutor you want to see, you will see the drop down options above. Click on “more details,” and it will open your Google Calendar.
In the calendar pop-up, click on “Join Hangouts Meet.” Once you do, you will be live in Google Meets with your tutor! It will look like your online classes.
While it is best to use Google Meets, you will also see a phone number for remote contact. We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions about the ARC, please contact Director Krampf at akrampf@plazacollege.edu.
Take care,
Dean Butchy

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